Zoey Baldwin

  • “Cool Ladies Talking About Vaginas”

    The Vagina Monologues Hits McGill in Time for V-Day

    The Vagina Monologues is comfortably into its teens by now, but the storied and infamous production is still attention grabbing. There’s more to it than just the word in its name, though.

  • Macbeth on Your Macbook

    Shakespeare Comes to Life in Montreal Group’s Podcast

    Imagine what it might have been like to sit around a table in the 16th century reading Macbeth with friends.

  • God Prefers Vanilla Lattes

    The Second Coming of God is a Scottish Drag Queen Hits Montreal

    Mike Delamont hates scary movies and recently conquered his fear of roller coasters. He likes cookies, Louis C.K. and the movie Love Actually. He also spends much of his spare time posing as God.