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  • Talking with CSU President Benjamin Prunty

    Keeping tabs on which promises the Concordia Student Union is fulfilling.

  • Canadian Federation of Students Loses in Court to Former Provincial Wing

    The fourth chapter in the lengthy and ongoing legal battle between Quebec student associations and the Canadian Federation of Students has come to an end.

  • Kettling, Enforcement of Bylaw P-6 Prove Controversial

    Montreal Facing 8 Class-Action Lawsuits over Treatment of Protesters by Police

    Protesters feeling wronged by allegedly heavy-handed police responses during six demonstrations held between June 2012 and March of this year will soon have their day in court.

  • Anatomy of a Grassroots Campaign

    Concordia Student Runs Against PQ Minister Responsible for the Charter of Values

    Provincial politics in Quebec is seemingly seeing a resurgence of interest among youth. As was the case in 2012, a year characterized by months of student protests, quite a few young Quebecers threw their hats into the ring in Monday’s provincial election.

  • ASSÉ-led Protest Demands a “More Egalitarian” Budget

    Thousands March Through Downtown Montreal to Denounce Budget Cuts by Governments

    A protest organized by the most militant of Quebec’s student federations, the Association pour une solidarité syndicale étudiante, drew thousands of demonstrators into the streets of downtown Montreal on Thursday to denounce budget cuts to various government programs.

  • The Ideological Divide on University Governance

    Quebec’s Political Parties Debate the Merits of Closer Ties Between Universities and the Private Sector

    Another divide has emerged between Quebec’s political parties. In the provincial campaign’s final stretch, politicians disagree on whether…

  • Quebec’s Political Parties on Tuition Fees and University Funding

    Candidates Discuss Their Visions for the Future of Higher Education in the Province

    A lot has changed in terms of higher education since the last provincial election in 2012, which followed an extended period of student protests against the then-Liberal government’s proposed tuition hikes.

  • FEUQ and FECQ Try to Get Out the Youth Vote

    Quebec Student Federations Publish Electoral Demands Ahead of Provincial Election

    Two of the student federations representing Quebec university and CEGEP students have put forward a list of demands ahead of the provincial elections taking place April 7.

  • Student Associations Seeking to Sever Ties with the CFS Suggest Changes to Provincial Law

    Several student associations in Quebec want to leave the Canadian Federation of Students—and they’re no longer satisfied with waiting for court dates in their quest to do so.

  • Four Quebec Politicians Disagree on Energy Policy at Concordia Debate

    The night before a provincial election was called, a Concordia debate between four politicians about Quebec’s energy policies revealed deep divides in what types of policies they consider realistic.

  • CSU Electoral Officer Warns Pre-Campaigning Will Hurt More Than Help

    New Rules Target Fee-Levy Groups Contravening Campaign Regulations

    Ahead of the upcoming Concordia Student Union general elections, which will include a vote on contentious fee-levy reforms, the CSU’s chief electoral officer is implementing new ways to deal with violations of election regulations.

  • Divided Along Faculty Lines?

    Concordia Undergrads To Vote on Fee Levy Changes in March

    Just as taxes are a source of tension outside university, fee levies are proving to be a politically divisive issue on campus.

  • ASSÉ Against the Charter of Values

    Student Federation Votes to Oppose Bill 60 at Weekend Congress

    Months after Montreal’s four universities publicly voiced their opposition to the Charter of Quebec Values, the most militant of Quebec’s student federations—ASSÉ—has now decided its official position on the proposed legislation.

  • Welcome to the Sprawl

    Analyzing the Spread of the Suburbs in Montreal

    For Lissa Marcotte, there’s truth in the marketing slogan “La vie est belle à Mirabel.” In this suburban municipality on the northern periphery of the Montreal metropolitan region, where suburban comfort meets the tranquility of farm country, life is good—but it comes with an environmental cost.

  • The Right to Self-Determination and the Charter of Values

    Social Justice Activist Leila Bdeir Speaks at Concordia about the Muslim Feminist Movement’s Response to Bill 60

    Quebec feminists and other progressive forces are currently confronted with an “important philosophical dilemma” in the debate surrounding the wearing of religious symbols, says self-described Muslim feminist and social justice activist Leila Bdeir.

  • Taking Concordia’s Anti-Charter Stance to the National Assembly

    Concordia Officials Explain their Opposition to the Proposed Charter of Values

    The outside temperature may have been hovering around a frigid minus-20 degrees…

  • Webster, Meet Digital Culture

    Concordia Library to Undergo Major Renovations Amid Shrinking Book Borrowing

    Guylaine Beaudry, the chief administrator for Concordia’s two libraries, says the Webster Library is stuck in the past—but upcoming renovations aim to bring it into the digital age.

  • Displaced & Transformed: The Condo Effect on Montreal

    Concordia Undergrads Find Rental Housing Decreasing in La Petite-Patrie Due to Condo Conversions

    “Gentrification” has become a buzzword in working-class-turned-hip neighbourhoods across Montreal…

  • Loyola’s Hive Café Delayed Until Next Year

    Despite promises during the Concordia Student Union elections in March 2013 that the long-awaited Hive Café would already be up and running by now, students will have to wait until the next academic year to see a student-run café open its doors on the Loyola campus.

  • Concordia Briefs

    Winter Updates Include No Orientation and Prostitution Verdict Reactions

    Went somewhere for the holidays? The Link made sure to get the story while you were out.