Michael Wrobel

  • SCPASA to Join ASSÉ

    Concordia Student Group Votes to Support Free Education

    The School of Community and Public Affairs Students’ Association voted in favour of joining the Association pour une solidarité syndicale étudiante last week.

  • Montreal’s New Planetarium

    When the Montreal Planetarium shut down in October 2011, stargazers were undoubtedly disappointed. But the closure was only temporary. And on April 6, the wait will finally be over.

  • Unifying Unions, Deconstructing Differences

    The Connection Between Labour Unions and Student Associations

    University labour unions and student associations stand to learn a lot from one another.

  • CUFA Reaches Tentative Agreement with ConU

    Members to Examine Agreement Next Week

    The Concordia University Faculty Association, which represents…

  • Education Pivotal in Quebec Liberal Race

    Liberals Choose Former Health Minister Couillard as Leader

    Philippe Couillard wants to make Quebec’s brainpower his priority.

  • Talking Sustainability

    The Many Definitions of a Sustainable Society at ASFA Talks 2013

    The diverse and seemingly unrelated disciplines of economics, international development, psychology, health sciences and agricultural studies share at least one common concept—the broadly defined, elusive idea of sustainability.


    A View From Both Sides

    On Feb. 8 and 9. Montreal played host to the renamed Salon des ressources naturelles, a forum on employment to support Plan Nord. Hundreds protested outside, while the forum went on indoors.

  • Playing With Weighted Dice

    Results of Higher Education Summit Seem Already Set

    Quebec’s much-anticipated Summit on Higher Education is set to take place at the end of February, but it seems the dice have already been loaded against students.

  • Picking Apart the Pipeline

    Climate Justice Montreal Hosts Pipeline Panel at ConU

    With universities investing in oil companies, pipeline expansion proposals passing­­ and chemical spills no longer being considered newsworthy enough for local papers, someone had to say something.

  • 2110 Centre & Missing Justice to Host Teach-In

    Education on Systemic Violence Against Native Women

    The number of native women reported to have gone missing or been murdered in Canada over the past three decades varies greatly—depending on who you ask.

  • Young Quebec Liberals Hear From Leadership Candidates

    Role of Youth in Politics, Student Associations Discussed

    The four candidates running for leadership of the Quebec Liberal Party courted…

  • Marching Towards a Solution

    Protest Speaks to Need for Sexual Assault Centre at ConU

    As upwards of 100 people took to the streets of downtown Montreal Friday to participate in the Take Back the Night protest, the message was clear: sexual and gendered
    violence needs to stop.

  • Unexpectedly Elected

    A Year and a Half Later, Young MPs Are Doing Us Proud

    For years, the mainstream media complained about the low rate of youth participation in elections.

  • Canadian Youth Converge in Ottawa for Environmental Conference

    Approximately 50 students from Concordia University and 1,000 youth from across Canada will assemble in Ottawa this weekend for Power Shift, a three-day conference on climate change and renewable energy.

  • Disrespecting the Process

    The Decline of Parliament in Federal & Provincial Governments

    For people elected through a democratic process, our federal and provincial governments certainly have an odd and profound dislike for our democratic institutions.

  • Do It for the Kids

    Why We Urgently Need a National Children’s Commissioner

    Right now, 5.6 million children have no representation at the federal level of government in Canada.

  • Let’s Get Proportional

    Skewed Election Results Expose Flaws in Quebec’s Democracy

    After last Tuesday’s provincial election produced a slim victory for the Parti Québécois, it seems the time has come to re-start the conversation about electoral reform.