Melissa Fuller

  • The Ace Of Cups

    I used to see and experience my period the same way I still see many women around me do: as an inconvenience, as waste, as something gross or unnatural that my body did. But this all started to change after a column I wrote two years ago.

  • I Wish I Was A Little Bit Taller

    There is a large height difference between my lover and me, and we sometimes have a hard time finding a sex position we can both do. We’ve tried and failed to get into several more adventurous positions and end up getting stuck in the same old poses. I want to switch things up, but could I really be “too short” for doggy style?

  • A Visit From The Yeaster Bunny

    I always thought yeast infections and chlamydia were the same thing.

  • How I Let Street Harassers Into My Head—and How I Got Them Out

    It’s hard to pinpoint when exactly it started to affect me, but one moment definitely stands out. I was waiting at a bus stop wearing a strapless shirt and shorts when a guy yelled out, “I’d love to bend you over,” and no one reacted.

  • Toying With It

    _I easily masturbate on average twice a day, once if I’m really tired. Unfortunately I haven’t invested in toys yet, but I’m wondering if I will eventually lose sensitivity. Does masturbating too much have any
    harmful side effects on my sex life?_

  • Do You Even Kegel?

    Working that “love muscle.”

  • Tighten Up

    First things first, the vagina is a muscle that naturally expands and contracts during arousal and rest.

  • Analyze This

    What to do about analingus.

  • Good To Know

    The end of another semester has arrived, and with it comes the last Sex & Pancakes of the year.

  • What’s the Deal with Hickies?

    In terms of whether or not they’re healthy, hickies are really just bruises caused by the bursting of capillaries—the smallest blood vessels under the skin. They’re often not even as bad as a bruise you would get from something else, since these vessels aren’t
    actually that hard to burst.

  • Facing Emotional Abuse in Relationships Head-On

    When you say the words “abusive relationship,” many people’s first thoughts turn to abuse of a physical nature. Years of awareness campaigns and public service announcements fill our heads with depictions of yelling matches ending in hitting or someone covering up bruises with makeup.

  • On HBO’s Girls and “Grey Rape”

    The HBO television show Girls often receives mixed reviews. People either love it or hate it—and I’ve yet to make a decision. I do think the show, which recently wrapped up its second season, has started some important discussions, but I often find myself wishing that its creators would take a firmer stance on the troubling issues they raise.

  • It’s All About the Pill

    I’m a 21-year-old female. I’ve been with my boyfriend for over a year now. I was a virgin before we became sexually active and petrified about getting pregnant. I took birth control pills, used condoms and, if I was ever nervous, I would get the morning-after pill—pretty neurotic, I guess. However, once we hit 6 months, we tried without the condoms and honestly, it felt amazing—to the point that I only orgasm without the condom! Neither of us has any sexually transmitted infections, but how effective are the pills alone, really? My friends shame me for not using a condom anymore, but I’m very regular with pill dosage.

  • The Right Way to Stroke It?

    I’m a 24-year-old male and healthy outside of one thing that I’m not quite sure about and that I haven’t been able to find an answer to. I haven’t been able to…

  • Breaching the Topic of New Bedroom Experiences

    I am a girl in a relationship with another girl. She’s amazing in bed and I am being satisfied. I’ve been feeling a little exploratory and open to new experiences…

  • Avoiding the Flu and Surviving Midterms—With Pleasure

    In case you’ve somehow missed it, we’re in the midst of a full-blown flu-and-midterm season—a dangerous combination. If you’re one of the few healthy ones left with everyone around you dropping like flies, it’s time to do whatever you can to save yourself.

  • Peeping on the Mind

    I’ve recently had this desire to watch my girlfriend have sex with another guy. We have great sex but I feel like it would be exciting watching someone give her an orgasm. I think she might be open to trying it. Is this normal to want to watch this happen? I don’t know if other people have felt this way.

  • Pain in the Butt

    I’m a gay guy who just got into a serious relationship that I’m really excited about. So far I’ve been topping him exclusively, even though he considers himself a top. I used to bottom like a champ, but have recently been much less ‘accepting’ when…

  • G Marks the Spot?

    My boyfriend and I have been together for a while now and all is well—except that I can never reach orgasm through vaginal penetration. The closest I think I have gotten was by fingering. I get full-body waves of pleasure, feel like I have to pee and sometimes I even cry. It will get so intense that I will either tell him to stop or I will try to relax and just go with it, but nothing ever seems to happen. I also don’t know what to expect, so that doesn’t help either. Please help!

  • Discovering New Forms of Pleasure

    I’m a male Concordia student, and since I was 17, I’ve been experimenting with anal toys. I usually use them when masturbating, but have recently included them in my relationship with my girlfriend…