Joel Suss

  • Sudden Chemistry

    Players’ Reunion Plays Big Part in Hockey Team’s Success

    Arriving in Montreal to play with the Concordia Stingers as a rookie from Atlantic Canada, Alyssa Sherrard might have been in an unfamiliar city trying to get accustomed to a locker-room full of strangers. Luckily, she found one familiar face among them in Moira Frier.

  • Messing Up the Message

    How often, when you picked up one of the mainstream daily newspapers, did you think, “What is this crap? It’s not even news!”
    It only takes a couple reads to find that many of the big newspapers are pushing articles that are more like tabloids than real news. Instead of seeing, on the front page, news reports that hold a direct significance to our daily lives, we see catchy titles created to draw you in on the latest scandal.

  • The Politics of Sports

    Dave Zirin Speaks at Concordia

    Dave Zirin, a modern day Hunter S. Thompson without the suitcase of narcotics, was at Concordia on Sept. 21 to discuss the politics of sports and the corporatization of franchise ownership.

  • Despite Loss, Stingers Gain Respect

    Soccer Men Almost Pull out a Tie Against McGill, Fall to Bottom of Division

    The Concordia men’s soccer team succumbed to a stronger McGill Redmen squad in heartbreaking fashion, losing 2-1 at Loyola Campus last Sunday.

  • Stingers Lose Third Straight

    Women’s Soccer Team Fails to Contain the Martlets

    The McGill Martlets cruised to an easy victory over the outmatched and outgunned Concordia Stingers women’s soccer squad as it lost 3-0 Sunday afternoon at Loyola Campus.