Flora Magnan

  • Antigone à la Montréalaise

    Concordia’s Theatre Department Takes Sophocles’ Antigone to the Metro

    Known as one of the best dramatic plays ever written, Sophocles’ Antigone captures something essential about human nature and the power of the state. Although it was written as early as 441 BC, Sophocles’ message is still on point, as the play presents civil disobedience as a moral responsibility while denouncing the dangers of having an autocratic leader.

  • Changing Islands, Keeping the Roots

    The reggae scene as told by Jamaican/Canadian reggae artist Face-T

  • Changing Islands, Keeping the Roots

    Reggae Artist Face T Gets Jiggy with the Montreal Crowd

    As uncommon as it may sound, Reggae artist Face-T, though raised in Jamaica, was actually born on Canadian soil and moved to Jamaica early on. He grew up on the west side of the Caribbean island in a small village of only 500 people. It was in Montreal, however, that Face-T started making music professionally.

  • Tummel – Escaping the Francophone-Anglophone Dichotomy

    Slum-based Punk Band Orkestar Kriminal Launches its Debut Album Tummel at Divan Orange next Friday on March 27th

    For those unfamiliar with this Montreal-based band, Orkestar Kriminal is a group of eight diverse musicians who label themselves as “a band of punks.”

  • Love in a Cold Climate : the Rebranding of Space

    How often do public areas fulfill their designed purpose? In our concrete jungles, most open areas are vacant spaces occupied only by the occasional cigarette smoker. The designed institutional use for these spaces happens to be bringing people together, but how frequently does that actually happen? How often are Place des Arts and the Ville Marie plaza used for social gatherings?