PERFORM Center Opens its Doors

$35 Million Complex at Loyola Campus Ready for Business

Photo Amanda Laprade

The PERFORM Center is now fully open in the Athletic Complex at the Loyola campus, housing state of the art research facilities, health programs, and training equipment.

The $35 million complex is “hoping to attract researchers worldwide, which is just one part of it,” said Kevin Hammill, service assistant at PERFORM. “Education-wise, exercise science students [and] psychology students will study links between behavior, lifestyle, fitness and nutrition.”

The facility hosts a gym with the world’s most advanced fitness gear, a rehabilitation programs for those suffering from chronic illness and an 8,000 square meter preventative health research facility–it’s a one-stop shop for those wishing to be on the cutting edge of health and fitness.

The most accessible service to the Concordia student population is the on-site gym, Le Centre, at a cost of $60 per semester. Floor monitors are available to help members use the wide range of advanced equipment and trainers will be on site soon as well. It is the hope of the PERFORM Center that members of Le Centre will provide them with a pool of volunteers for surveys and studies that will benefit the community at large.

Also available on site is an athletic therapy clinic where people suffering from fitness-related injuries will be able to benefit from a range of preventative and therapeutic services. For a $25 fee someone suffering from a sport or work related injury can see an athletic therapy internship student, supervised by certified athletic therapists.

Though the center is now fully operational, not all research programs have been started. “We’re really in our infancy now,” adds Hammill. The number of programs available to the public will grow as membership at the facility grows.

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