Exit the Eatery

Brochetterie Rodos to Be Replaced by Condos

Graphic Clément Liu

The landmark Côte-des-Neiges restaurant Brochetterie Rodos was still operating, as it had for 30 years on Queen Mary Rd., when the wrecking ball came for it in the early morning of Oct. 17.

Rodos’ owner Christina Yotis was awaiting a judicial hearing concerning her eviction by condo developers, Allprime Property Inc. The hearing had been scheduled for October 28.

“I was surprised our federal MP, Mr. [Irwin] Cotler, didn’t do anything here,” said Yuri Bogolepoff, a representative for the Snowdon Committee, founded to protect businesses facing eviction. “Businesses were destroyed. People lost a lot of money—they lost their way of existence.”

Although the Snowdon Committee organized a petition against the demolition and collected 1,200 signatures, Bogolepoff said the petition “was received [by the borough office], but it was ignored.”

Yotis was unable to comment on the situation because of current negotiations between lawyers on both sides of the issue. Developers refused to comment and the city did not return phone calls by publication time.

Bogolepoff was at a borough meeting to discuss the changes and said it was “ridiculous, because they gathered all supporters [of the condo project]. I think it was [coordinated] by the gentleman who is in charge of Allprime.”

A demolition permit was issued to the condo developers from the urban planning committee based on their argument that the building was falling apart and needed to be destroyed anyway.

Côte-des-Neiges resident Brianna McGrath said that the building did look a little run-down.

“I can’t say that I’m supportive of putting up a gigantic condo, who is? But I’m all for improvements to the area,” McGrath said.

Neighbouring businesses sympathized with the owners of the long-standing building. “For the people in business there, I feel sorry for them,” said a man who asked to be identified only as Stanley of Toujours Fleurs, which has been in business next to Rodos for 14 years.

Bogolepoff warns that what happened to Rodos may only be the beginning for small businesses in the area.

“There are rumours that they are going to demolish other blocks too,” he claimed, pointing to the city being able to make more money on taxes from condos as the cause.   The Snowdon Committee is calling for a boycott of the Pharmaprix and Subway restaurant that will open inside the condo building. They are also seeking to make preserving multiculturalism an election issue.

“Before the elections we will call on people to vote for politicians who care about them, and not just about developers,” said Bogolepoff.