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    Black Lives Matter Gathers in Montreal to ‘Reflect,’ Bring People Together

    After recent high profile reports of police killing black men and women in the United States, three women organized a gathering at Cabot Square to honour the lives of the lost and express their rejection of police brutality and racism.

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    The Comeback of a Canadian Pop Supergroup

    The New Pornographers are coming back to Montreal this Wednesday, ready to sway the Corona Theatre with a whole lot of keyboards, plenty of synthesizers and energetic pop sounds. With the release of their new studio album Brill Bruisers, the band call themselves a pop super-group.

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    A Night to Remember

    Holding candles and paper bags, people of all genders stood in a circle at Norman Bethune Square on Thursday at a vigil in remembrance of people who lost their lives to transphobic violence.

  • Protester at the Eco Protest

    Protestor at the Eco Protest.

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    VIDEO: CSU at People’s Climate March NYC

    The Link reporter Andy Fidel went to New York City with the members of the Concordia Student Union to document the People’s Climate March.

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    ECA Speaks Out Against Disrespectful Chants

    Less than a month after McMaster University suspended a student group over “sexist, violent and degrading material” in a songbook, Concordia’s Engineering and Computer Science Association took a similar stance on certain engineering chants they consider disrespectful and distasteful.

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    Student Inventors Want Patent Control

    For his final-year “capstone” research project, graduating Concordia engineering student Michael El-Jiz was curious about the applications of music in engineering…