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Concordia’s Soliloquies Releases 18th Annual Edition

Issues of Soliloquies issue 15 Photo courtesy of Colleen Romaniuk

As a student-run publication, Concordia journal Soliloquies provides undergraduates with publishing, editing and design experience invaluable for a career in the business.

But it does more than give behind-the-scenes training. With biannual calls for submissions in both written and visual formats, it gives emerging artists an opportunity to be showcased alongside their more seasoned peers. Although the journal focuses primarily on Montreal artists, it’s also working to expand its horizons internationally.

“We are taking advantage of some of the resources that we have and we’re actually accepting submissions from all over. We’ve gotten some great stuff from the United States, even from across seas,” Soliloquies editor-in-chief Colleen Romaniuk said.

There are many literary journals and magazines in Montreal, including Concordia’s The Void, but Soliloquies’ submission and selection process makes it different.

“What sets us apart is we don’t have a theme or anything for submitting,” Romaniuk said. “We place a lot of importance on individual creativity and artistic freedom because we want to give our contributors freedom when it comes to what they want to submit.

“As a new artist, it’s really important to test the waters and discover that unique voice that is individually yours, so we try to encourage and support that as much as possible.”

Two online issues are produced each year, with a print edition following at the end of the spring semester. The print version is a compilation of the works featured in the online editions. In order to provide more opportunities for writers, Soliloquies also holds their Flash Fiction Writing Contest throughout the year.

“Because we only have two periods where people are allowed to submit each year, it’s a little bit restricting,” said Romaniuk. “We decided to increase our engagement with our audience and with our contributors and potential authors by starting the Flash Fiction Contest.”

The journal’s editors put out a biweekly prompt for submissions, then pick the best one and feature it on their website. At the end of the year, a winner is picked from the year’s published submissions, scoring a place in the print journal.

This year, the 18th edition of Soliloquies is being published with content selected from an overwhelming amount of submissions and variety. To celebrate the new issue, the editors are holding a launch at Le Cagibi on April 15.

Soliloquies 18 launch poster

“There are a lot of different poets going up to read and a few fiction readers as well,” said Romaniuk. “One of our fiction contributors is going to read a bit of a humorous piece there and another one is going to read an up-beat kind of Western-type fiction which is pushing the boundaries a little but it’s a really great thing.”

With such a vibrant community and such strong creative programs at Concordia, it isn’t a surprise that its undergraduate literary journal should receive such a variety of submissions, and the launch promises to showcase quality work.

The launch of the 18th edition of Soliloquies will be held at Le Cagibi on April 15 at 7 p.m. and will include guest readings and beverages. Soliloquies will be available for purchase for $5.