Vote for Chuck, Chuck does things!

I have repeated this numerous times randomly throughout this week to anyone I met.
I have been a big supporter of Chuck since the beginning and my support has grown even more after watching the debates.

First, he has demonstrated that he has the most experience and a deep understanding of legal affairs, Concordia policies out of all the presidential candidates. CSU needs someone at the head who knows how the system works to be able to use it to their advantage. Out of all the candidates, he was the most eloquent and demonstrated that he has given a great deal of thought to the subjects that were brought up and even if he didn’t, his extensive knowledge of how CSU works and the different entities within helped him give clear responses showing that he knows what he’s doing.
Chuck takes action; we need a man of action, especially when they have a beard.

Second, he wants to revamp the horrible grey tunnel!!!

Third, he has a beard, enough said.

Check out his website “” to get an insight on his platform and find out how awesome Chuck is!

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