This Time I’ll Vote

I’ve been a student at Concordia for four years now, and the only times I have ever taken part in the CSU elections has been to spoil my ballot. Since early in my first year it was apparent that the CSU was more of a problem than a solution, filled with corruption and scandal, while the executives maintained a disconnect from the students that they were elected to represent.

Since then, it has been more of the same; party after party each campaigning with the promise of change, progressiveness and an end to corruption. Nothing ever changed.

Just like a lot of other Concordia undergrads, I’ve taken part in my share of activism, social and student action and movements. Not as much as some, but a good few. I’ve met a lot of really good people who actually believed in their causes during those events and meetings. The enthusiasm and dedication they brought to their causes has always been contagious. Beyond that, they took the time to get to at least know my name and make me feel like a valued member of everything I did with them. That’s why I’m writing this letter.

Some of the people I’m talking about have recently decided to form the Your Concordia party. I was honestly surprised to see so many faces and names I knew and recognized from political and social movements running for the CSU council and executive, as they never spoke about any political desires or angles.

For the first time as an undergrad student I am going to take part in CSU elections and not spoil my ballot. I know what many of Your Concordia candidates stand for, and I hope other students can see through the bullshit, the adolescent campaign videos that say nothing about platforms and finally elect a CSU executive and council that gives a shit about students.

I’m only disappointed that I graduate this spring.

—Chris Perrin,