Stingers 0, Citadins 0: Dreadful Heat Dehydrates Offensive Play

Defensive Efforts on Display in Women’s Soccer Match

Stingers’ women’s soccer beat the heat, but tie UQAM Credit Kyran Thicke - Concordia Stingers

The Stingers women’s soccer team took on the Université du Québec à Montréal Citadins on Sunday Sept. 11.

This was a game wherein the Stingers squad was capable of stringing passes together, yet their offence was stifled by strong defensive play.

“This is definitely the most organized we’ve looked so far this season. Defensively [...] we did what we usually do in the back, which is stay composed.” said Stingers’ keeper Anastasia Fox post-game.

The first half saw frustrated play. Both teams were committing foul calls while attempting to establish a tempo. The defenders on both squads played aggressively to spite any attackers from trying to control the ball in opposing ends. 

Despite the rigid defensive play, the UQAM offence made their presence known immediately. In the fourth minute, The Citadins had two opportunities in front yet sailed the shots wide of the goal in a rushed attempt to score first. 

The 12th minute resulted in a chance for the Stingers. They drew a foul, and on the free-kick from 25 yards out, they just missed wide. In the 13th, Stingers defender Devon Vermaire pelted a strike from outside the 18-yard box. The shot was easily handled by Citadins keeper Audreanne Dubeau.

“Some of [the players] have to be smarter, for sure. We can’t give silly cards.” — Greg Sutton, Concordia Stingers Head Coach

With a scorching sun beaming down on the players, the heat did not aid in dissipating the frustration felt. Defenders on both teams were making hard contact when pursuing the ball, continuing to play aggressively, yet dangerously. 

Concordia would get into card trouble first. Stingers forward Sara Carrière pushed the back of a UQAM defender and in arguing her case, was assessed a yellow card by the referee. Concordia head coach Greg Sutton would make the decision to substitute Carriere for the remainder of the half. The score would stay tied heading into halftime 0-0.

In the second half, UQAM’s strategy was to rely on free kicks and corner chances to create offence around Concordia’s net. This meant that Fox had to be poised in anticipation of these attacks. Fox would make a first save in the fifth minute on a shot from UQAM attacker Rosalie Dumont, and then again in the 15th when Fox had to punch a drive sent blaring on goal. 

The yellow cards made another appearance in the closing frame. UQAM’s Karima Lemire and Concordia’s Kyara D’annessa would both be assessed.  

“Some of [the players] have to be smarter, for sure. We can’t give silly cards,” said coach Sutton after the game. “Some cards are going to be from physical play and that’s fine. It’s part of the game, but we still have to make sure we don’t let [yellow cards] happen too often.”

The atmosphere did grow tense in the 86th minute. Stingers’ defender and captain Bryanna Campbell, who thus far has performed well in making plays all over the pitch, suffered a non-contact injury on a play in the air. 

Campbell assured that the injury was just a calf strain post-game and that it was mainly from dehydration.

The women’s soccer team is still in search of their first win on the circuit. Their next game is set for Friday, Sept. 16 against the Université de Laval. Play is scheduled to start at 6 p.m..