Not-So-Busy Ballot Boxes

Historically Low Turnout For CSU Elections

General elections for the Concordia Student Union began yesterday, a fact many students seemed unaware of.

Approximately 550 students voted downtown, while only around 150 votes were cast at Loyola. “For the CSU general elections, this is considered to be a really low number,” Chief Electoral Officer Ismail Holoubi said, noting that this was most likely due to the confusion and chaos caused by the strike.

Despite the low turnout, elections will “continue as normal,” said Holoubi. The CSU bylaws do not allow for an extension of polling days or a change of location for booths.

Concordia University will be closed March 22 for the planned Day of Action against the provincial tuition hikes, but voting will resume on Friday.

Aside from low turnout and one less day of polling, the elections have so far run as expected. Holoubi noted minor technical issues, but said that was easily dealt with by IT.

CSU General Elections will continue until March 23, with all polls closed Thursday.