Don’t Forget To Wash Your Hands

Graphic Vivien Leung

Stuck on the walls of the men’s washroom on the Hall Building’s sixth floor is a guide to how one should freshen up once finished his business. Bachelors unsure of how to properly wash their hands can learn to do so in nine detailed steps.

The steps, complete with diagrams, range from directing how much solution one should apply, to what kind of motions he should make. There is even a graphic that denotes which areas are most often forgotten.

Of course it’s absolutely essential for those preening in Concordia University’s bathroom mirrors to have an elaborate label as a reference. Who knows, one may forget how to perform such a basic task and pollute the oh so sanitary halls of our touted institution with his bits of excrement.

Honestly, I didn’t evolve from the Australopithecine stage just yesterday and even if I didn’t have the sense to wash my hands then, I most certainly should upon completion of university. Especially at ConU, I hope.

—Alex Di Pietro

This article originally appeared in Volume 31, Issue 23, published February 15, 2011.