Griffon’s Left Frustrated After Last Minute Goal to Blainville

Meterissian Praises Campagna Presence Despite Defensive Error

The Griffons fell after a 93rd minute goal, Courtesy Audrey Magny

Head coach Luc Brutus found it difficult to put the team’s frustration into words after Sunday’s loss to Première ligue de soccer du Québec champions, Association de soccer de Blainville.

The Club Soccer Mont-Royal Outremont Griffons were forced to leave empty handed after a surprise 93rd minute goal from Blainville forward, Pierre Rudolph “Papouche” Mayard. The 30 year-old Laval native’s winning goal was his second of the game and league-leading fifth goal of the season.

This was a hard pill to swallow for the Griffons, one that Brutus couldn’t quite accept after the match. Brutus stated after the teams loss, “it was a tie game” and that “nobody deserved to win.”

“We lost two points at the end of the day,” he said. “The club is here to win. When we lose a game, it’s a dramatic handing for us. We don’t [want our players] to feel ‘yeah we played a good game’, it’s not enough we have to win, that’s the key, that’s why we pay the players.”

Griffons defender, Stephen Meterissian shared his coaches sentiments. Despite feeling the Griffons “had a better game,” Meterissian stated a draw would’ve been a fair result for CS MRO.

“We were excellent today,” said Meterissian. “We had a very good game, we had a strategy […] we could’ve gone a little more towards [their] net, but that’s gonna come as the season goes on.”

With little threat at the top of the field, it was the defensive end that suffered the consequences for the Griffons. The home side’s defence put in a hard-fought performance throughout the 90 minutes, but two mistakes at the back proved costly.

“It’s the second time we lose our composure at the end of the game, we lose our heads instead of defending properly,” said Brutus.

Mayard’s second goal came from an attempted clearance from 19 year-old central defender, Louis Philippe Campagna. The young defender’s attempt was deflected off an opposition player in the box before being put on a plate for Mayard.

At the end of the 90 minutes, perhaps no one was more disappointed than Campagna.

“I’m devastated,” he said. “I took a stupid goal at the end because we didn’t focus enough […]. That’s the kind of mistake you do in preseason, and I hope it won’t happen again because that’s basic defending and we should’ve played better.”

Though Campagna was left with his head down, the young defender added he’s still learning alongside experienced players like Meterissian, and France native Julien Obriot. “I’m just learning from them and enjoying my time here.” The young defender has had a good start to the season so far, registering three goals in four games in the PLSQ.

Meterissian hailed his partner’s presence at the back for the Griffons. He said Campagna’s attempted clearance was simply “unlucky” and highlighted his intelligence.

“He reads the play well, and the number one thing that he does well is he listens. You talk to him, he actually listens, he understands what I’m trying to [tell him],” said Meterissian. “I think he’s an awesome player, a great addition to the team.”

“[Campagna] and I, I think we had a good game,” he added.

The Griffons will face off against Football Club Lanaudière before hosting Club de soccer de Longueuil. Former CS MRO forward Frederico Moojen will return to face his former club.

“At this point [the players] have to understand they have no margin,” said Brutus. “It’s up to them to make sure we win all the games from now on.”