“Dirty Martini”: Poem of the Week

The Creations of a Concordia Student

  • Graphic Caitlin Yardley

A poem to read with an ice-cold drink in hand.

“dirty martini”

Glass rim between my lips and

French boy from across the terrace

The man’s so sharp cut and clean

He just smoked a cigarette and I swear –

I almost saw heaven above me

Smoke me out like your last puff

You know you make it hard to breathe

Peak the lace under my knit cardigan

As it reveals my true self

Don’t underestimate the way my tongue runs

over my teeth, my posture crossed and kept

Just focus on me, baby and

How my eyes roam your waist

I’m a single bachelorette in her early twenties

Only slightly drunk, but oh, so aware

And so curious, show me the dark side

I want to see what’s below the belt

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