Poetry: ‘Co-Star Mashup’

Graphic Joey Bruce

Your body is your own laboratory of puzzles and pet projects,

So make an inventory of your fears.


Stay away from depressants,

You’re haunted by crippling indecision.


Write the first sentence of your memoir, 

Are you focusing on nostalgia?

Sometimes, underneath the surface is just more surface.


You have been preparing for this moment your entire life,

Go for it!


Do white out;

Don’t notes app apology.


No one hates you, even though you wish they did.


There are ears that hear and there are those who don’t care enough to listen.


No one will understand you today;

Go for a drive with a water sun,

But avoid earth Venuses.


You can say no to the things that drain you,

You are not a saint.

You are going to stay stuck if you don’t confront your fear.


You are not a product of who raised you, nor of who hurt you.


This poem was written using phrases found in the application Co-Star.