CSU Finance Coordinator Asked to Resign

Written Statement Alleges Adrian Longinotti Violated Union’s Safer Space Policy

Adrian Longinotti (second from left, in orange) has been asked to resign from his position as CSU Finance Coordinator. He served as a councillor last year. File Photo Vince Morello

The Concordia Student Union has asked their Finance Coordinator Adrian Longinotti to resign earlier today, for his “queerphobic and misogynistic” behaviour.

This story has been updated.

In an email sent from Sustainability Coordinator Lana Galbraith—but signed by the entire executive team—it stated that the team has lost their patience trying to address Longinotti’s alleged problematic behaviour.

“We are happy to move on from dealing with the multiple recurring issues that have plagued our relationship with Adrian Longinotti since the beginning of our mandate, and refocus our attention to best serving the needs of students,” the statement said.

Approximately an hour after the initial statement, Longinotti’s resignation letter was sent out as part of documents for this Wednesday’s CSU council meeting.

“Together we have reached many milestones to this point, however personal reasons and focus on overall well-being necessitate that I vacate my position and focus on improving my studies and career,” he wrote in his letter addressed to members, councillors, and friends.

The letter did not directly address the allegations, but he said he would be available for any questions and advice in the transition period.

As finance coordinator, Longinotti was in charge of preparing budgets for CSU events and presenting those to council on a monthly basis. He was also elected board president of Reggie’s, the student bar located on the mezzanine of Concordia’s Hall building downtown.

He has resigned from this position as well, according to Gabrielle Bouchard, a Reggie’s board member and staff coordinator from the Centre for Gender Advocacy.

The CSU’s statement specified that Longinotti has violated the safer space policies employed by Reggie’s and the CSU, and disregarded conversations with the bar’s general manager as well.

“This follows a pattern of incidents, such as ridiculing non-binary gender identities, sexual orientation, and continuing to do so regardless of having been told how hurtful he was being, as well as prioritizing and protecting a friend rather than the safety of students on campus,” the statement continued.

After serving as a councillor, Longinotti ran on the Act Together slate that won all the executive positions in the CSU’s Annual General Election in March. The previous executive team asked him to start a month earlier, following the resignation of last year’s finance coordinator due to personal reasons.

A follow-up story will be published soon.