Concordia Stingers Soccer Players Earn RSEQ Accolades

Olivier Georges and Chama Sedki Named Winter Season All-Stars

Chama Sedki won her first RSEQ accolade earning a spot as a second team all-star. Photo Courtesy Brianna Thicke

With the winter season at an end for the Concordia Stingers men’s and women’s soccer teams, the Réseau du sport étudiant du Québec have presented their all-star awards.

Last Wednesday, both teams took home second team all-star honours with defender Olivier Georges—who now holds five all-star awards—and midfielder Chama Sedki, earning her first.

Women’s Soccer

When first year Concordia Stingers women’s soccer player Sedki found out she was named to the RSEQ all-star team, her answer was simple; “I was so happy,” said Sedki, delighted. “I just worked really hard this winter.”

After the departure of veteran players, including captain Alyssa Ruscio, last fall, Sedki took it upon herself to step up as a role model for the team and the new recruits coming in.

“We needed new leaders to step up,” said Sedki. “So I just took the role and I feel that made me a better player and made me work harder, so that was a good step for me.”

Pushing her to work harder, Sedki attributes her recent success to head coach Jorge Sanchez, “[Jorge] helped me have a lot more confidence in myself, to see my potential and just work through it,” she said.

Typically, the winter season is seen as more experimental rather than competitive—a prelude for the upcoming fall campaign for new recruits to enter the team and prove their mettle. Sedki is upbeat about working with the new players, and had nothing but praise for their work ethic on the pitch.

“Jorge is working really hard this season to make us better and go get good players,” said Sedki. “It’s really fun to work with [them]. They’re really passionate and they work hard, so that’s fun to be around.”

For next fall, Sedki expressed her desire for the Stingers to climb up the standings—something the Stingers have struggled with in the past.

Men’s Soccer

Olivier Georges earned his fifth all star award this winter, Photo Courtesy Brianna Thicke

Stingers Captain, Georges was happy to hear he made the RSEQ all-star team this winter, yet, he didn’t even know he’d won the award. He found out in a rather unorthodox fashion.

“I never check up on it. For this time, you’re the one who told me that I was, I had no idea” admitted Georges. “I don’t know where it’s posted or anything, but i’m always very happy about it. It’s nice to know that we’re appreciated.”

Since joining the Stingers in 2014, this is now the captain’s fifth all-star award. For Georges, gaining recognition as a defender is something he’s quite proud of. You never really know if people are noticing, said Georges, it’s not a position that receives much attention.

“You know the strikers when they score a lot of goals they get on the all star team. The defenders, it’s like, are people looking at me when I do the right thing?” he said.

“I try to stay as consistent as I can and it always feels good to know that people are noticing.”

The Stinger veteran is happy to win the award, but was quick to deflect his satisfaction to his teammates, owing his consistency to their performances on the field as well. “When I do well, it’s usually because other people around me are doing well,” he said.

“We are performing well as a defence, and so I look good because I’m doing the right thing, but I wouldn’t be performing that well if my other center back wasn’t doing well.”

This upcoming fall will be Georges’ last season with the Stingers—an emotional reality for the captain, but admitted he won’t fall into nostalgia.

“I have one more season to go. There’s plenty to be done still,” said Georges. “Yeah my time is almost up and I’m gonna try to make the best of it.”