Bus of McGill & Concordia Students Arrested

Photo by Anthony Lecossois
Photo by Christopher Curtis
Photo by Christopher Curtis

Busloads of protesters traveled to Victoriaville, QC arriving in the city the afternoon of May 4. Provincial police force Sûreté du Québec had secured the perimeter of the hotel in which the general council took place.

Reports from the scene stated that protesters pushed through barriers and threw projectiles at police lines. Rubber bullets, CS gas and smoke grenades were deployed by the SQ. Ambulances were called to the scene, and at least five protesters were admitted to the hospital. Radio-Canada video footage also shows one police officer being hit by protesters.

Around 9 p.m., Concordia campus television station CUTV ended their live broadcast stating that the protestors were dispersing. Busloads of protesters began leaving the city; based on reports from Le Délit’s reporter on the ground, a bus carrying McGill and Concordia students was the last to leave. The bus was escorted back to Victoriaville by police, and passengers were placed under arrest. The passengers allegedly under arrest are unable to be contacted, but include a journalist from Le Délit and The Link.

An SQ officer who spoke with The Link confirmed that three buses had been arrested. The passengers were being taken off the buses in pairs, identified and questioned. The officer said that most would be eventually released, but it could be “some hours.” He said that he believed most would be charged, but could not specify what the charges would be. Those charged, he said, would be released and required to appear in court at a later date.

Students at the nightly demonstration in Montreal held a solidarity sit-in on Mont Royal Ave. and St. Denis Rd. for those who were arrested in Victoriaville.

Speaking to The Link, the SQ confirmed that three busloads of protesters have been arrested, and most may be charged criminally. The SQ stated protesters are being removed from each bus in small groups to be identified and questioned.

-With files from Riley Sparks