Community Action Wins, Councillor Votes May Be Recounted

UPDATE: The Only Executive Team Sweeps, While Councillor Positions are Closely Contested

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Largely unopposed and with a few incumbent candidates, the “Community Action” team was elected to all Concordia Student Union executive positions after a ballot count last night.

Only three executive positions were contested by independents. All numbers released thus far are “unofficial,” according to CSU Chief Electoral Officer Mohammed Nasser.

Ballot counting began at 10 p.m. and did not finish until after 4 a.m. Friday morning. The same students hired to operate the polls during the election period also counted the ballots.

Every referenda passed except for the health and dental question asking students whether they would approve an increase to the annual CSU health plan by $46.93, for a maximum $240 per undergraduate.

Alexandre St-Onge-Perron was the only candidate to lose the Arts and Science councillor position. Since the margin of victory was below 50 votes for some of the 15 candidates running, the vote is subject to a recount, according to Nasser.

Previously, a recount occurred if the margin of victory was five votes, but after last semester’s by-election, that bylaw was amended to a new threshold of 50.

Ahmad Choukair and Amr Mourad also lost council positions for Engineering and Computer Science. In addition, Stephen Brown beat Alan Mathieu for the John Molson School of Business senate position. Both of these votes are subject to a recount as well.

The unofficial results for the elected executive positions are as followed:

  • President: Terry Wilkings
  • VP Student Life: John Talbot
  • VP Clubs and Internal: Lori Dimaria
  • VP Sustainability: Gabrielle Caron
  • VP External and Mobilization: Gabriel Velasco
  • VP Finance: Anas Bouslikhane

The unofficial results for elected councillors and senators are as follows:

  • Arts & Science representatives on council: Jenna Cocullo, Genevieve Nadeau Bonin, Michael Giesbrecht, Jason Poirier Lavoie, Adrian Longinotti, Lucinda Marshall-Kiparissis, Aloyse Muller, Terry Ngala, Zoe Pearce, Marcus Peters, Benjamin Prunty, Thomas Radcliffe, Melanie Romer and Michael Wrobel (subject to recount).
  • JMSB representatives on council: Rachel Gauthier, Fadi Saijari, Omar Al Khin and Simon Dansereau (filling 4 of 6 available seats).
  • ENCS representatives on council: Katherine Soad Bellini, Jana Ghalayini, Faddy Kamel, Hassan Mogharbel and Rami Yahia have been voted in as (subject to recount).
  • Fine Arts representatives on council: Leyla Sutherland, Sanaz Hassan Pour & Dustin Ruck.
  • ENCS representative on senate: Nicholaos Mouzourakis (uncontested).
  • JMSB Representative on senate: Stephen Brown (subject to recount).

UPDATE: All of the numbers are official, confirmed and released, according to the CSU CEO in a Facebook post Friday night. The number breakdown for the three contested executive positions are as followed:

VP Clubs and Internal:
  • Lori Dimaria – 668
  • Alexandre Laroche – 290
  • Abstentions – 247
VP Finance:
  • Anas Bouslikhane – 642
  • Jonathan Mamane – 342
  • Abstentions – 238
VP External and Mobilization:
  • Carla Marrouche – 333
  • Gabriel Velasco – 600
  • Abstentions – 238

The rest of the numbers can be found here.