Ben Prunty for President

I fully support Benjamin Prunty and his team, Community Matters, for the CSU executive next year.

Having worked with him recently as a main organizer for the Concordia Transitions conference, I know that Benjamin is the best candidate for the job. Last October, Benjamin proposed an idea for a student conference that would build momentum towards change in the food system at Concordia. With Benjamin as our leader, we were an incredibly effective team. Concordia Transitions – Building a Food System From Farm to Plate was a huge success because of Benjamin’s leadership, hard work and dedication.

Student government should not only initiate change, but finish what they start. It’s not an easy task, but Benjamin has proven that he is very much capable of doing so. This is really why my vote is going to Community Matters. Above all, I want a student government that follows through with projects, ideas and represents what students want and need. I believe Benjamin Prunty and his team are organized, well intentioned, incredibly smart and innovative—a qualified team with a leader you can count on.

—Alix Tabet