Why I Support Community Matters

It is with pleasure that I write to express my political support of the Community Matters team running in the CSU Elections.

My experience with three specific representatives exemplifies why this team has the skills to deliver their promises.

Benjamin Prunty was a spectacular asset to ASFA in 2012-2013—his commitment to transparency and ability to ask challenging questions made him a strong voice for all students. As a member of the CSU Sustainability Committee, I see Benjamin as an inspiring leader, presenting interesting projects through passionate communication. He democratically utilizes the committee by allowing us to express opinions and concerns. Having attended many events where Benjamin has publicly spoken on important issues, I can attest that he is a talented orator, informed on many scales. I believe Benjamin’s valuable experience, paired with humble presidential qualities, resonate with what the Concordia student body deserves for the upcoming year.

Charles Bourassa demonstrates exceptional initiative on ASFA Council, being enthusiastic and motivated even when facing majority opposition. He has exemplified fortitude in thinking outside-the-box and persevering important topics, even forming and chairing ad-hoc committees to deal with contentious issues. Charles also sits on CSU Sustainability Committee—through this I learned of his strong values in education as academics and student engagement experiences. Charles possesses the unique quality of seeing the big picture and recognizing smaller flaws within the overall structure—this type of intuition is integral as a leader.

Jessica Cabana is a kind, well-rounded student. Representing the Loyola College Student Association on ASFA Council, she takes it upon herself to pursue individual projects performing research and later presenting her findings to council—this type of drive has the capacity to make major contributions in student-government. Outside of politics, Jessica is a coordinator at Sustainable Concordia, where I am actively involved as an intern. She maintains excellent relationships with peers and supervisors due to her outstanding level of professionalism, which has gained her respect and admiration. Jessica has a wealth of knowledge and large sustainable networking base.

I admire all team members’ sustainable profiles and accomplished reputations: the aptitudes of these students shine brightly individually, and I can only anxiously anticipate their intellectual capacities as a team. Concordia is a community that needs capable leaders to ensure all needs are heard, therefore I formally endorse Community Matters, as I wholly believe this team has the strength to unwaveringly serve our student body.

—Meghan Lamb, ASFA Chairperson