Beating the COVID blues

Staying active during a pandemic winter

Feeling stuck at home in quarantine? Get outside to see what winter activities the Montreal-area has to offer. File Photo The Link

It’s happening, winter is upon us. This does not mean we should stay inside, waiting for the warm sun to come back out. Quarantine has kept us stuck indoors for far too long, it is time to get outside and make the best of our winter season.

With many restaurants, gyms and other public facilities still closed, people are growing concerned on how they will spend their winter months. Here are some of the many activities that will keep you mentally and physically sane this winter.

Alpine Skiing

Whether you are a lover or hater of winter, skiing is a great excuse to brave the cold and stay active this season. Mont-Tremblant, among other ski sites, is pushing its members to reserve their ski days ahead of time to avoid overcrowding the hills, as the activity will undoubtedly be a popular pastime this year.

For those who have never skied before, or are far from being experts, learning to ski can be an exciting goal to set this winter. This activity is a heart pumping, thrilling endeavour that will keep you busy and smiling throughout the winter season.


For those non-thrill seekers, looking to avoid going down a steep hill at full speed, snowshoeing can be one of the most rewarding winter outdoor experiences. It not only provides you with an incredible leg workout, but also allows you to be one with nature, and enjoy the simplicity of walking through the woods. 

Some people find themselves most at peace while on a hike in a wooded area, and there is  a plethora of beautiful trails to venture in the Montreal region, including the Cap-Saint-Jacques Nature Park. Snowshoeing is an amazing bonding experience with a family member, and a must do activity this winter season. 

Outdoor Skating

According to Global News, the Ontario government has already enforced the suspension of any outdoor recreational hockey, and Quebec will likely follow suit. However, the city of Montreal is still opening up hundreds of public rinks, which will be used for public skating.

If you are feeling brave enough, skating on your local lake could be an amazing experience, and one worth doing. If not, local rinks will provide you with a fun family activity, and an opportunity to get away from your office chair. 

This activity also pairs very well with some hot chocolate, but that could just be me.


Calling all water park lovers—tubing is the frozen waterslide you have always dreamt of trying. This activity will finally get you excited about a heavy snowfall.

Mont Avila is one of many tubing destinations around the Montreal area, and a very popular winter activity for people of all ages. The site also has a Sugar Shack, which offers tubers a variety of maple goodies. 

Hike up Mount Royal

If you are the type of person that enjoys the natural beauty of winter, then a hike up Mount Royal could be a beautiful day spent outdoors. There are a variety of trails to follow, which all lead to a beautiful view of the city of Montreal.

Invite your significant other on a date, take your parents on a beautiful walk through the woods—whoever you choose to bring, they will surely enjoy the breathtaking view of the city, and the sense of peacefulness that comes with strolling through the woods. A real winter wonderland.

Stay Home and Bake

If the weather does not permit you to be outdoors, teaching yourself to cook and bake could be an exciting activity to master this festive season. Baking and decorating cookies, and other baked goods will definitely enable your sweet tooth and some family bonding time too.

There are many websites that offer a variety of recipes for free. Whether you are a chocolate lover, or simply looking to flex your artistic muscle, baking could be a fun winter activity to do when stuck indoors.

Planning and goal setting is so important, especially when your leisure options are limited. COVID-19 may have stunted your routine, but it has given you the opportunity to find new hobbies, and build new passions. To be happy is to be active.