Special Issue

  • Jezebel’s Tales: My Foray Into the Confusing World of Sugaring

    One Woman’s Discovery of the Ups and Downs of Being a Sugar Baby

    Growing up, I was quick to learn that it is never a compliment if a man wants to fuck you. Sugaring opened my eyes to an extension of this teaching: just because someone wants to fuck you does not mean they will listen to what you have to say.

  • Poetry for the Gender and Sexuality Issue

    A selection of poetry exploring gender and sexuality!

  • Re-examining the Good Versus Bad Girl Binary

    A Personal Response to the Dichotomization of Women’s Behaviour

    In matters of sexuality and intimacy, ours is a society that doesn’t hold men and women to the same standards. To make matters worse, women’s bodies are relentlessly policed and critiqued, objectified and sexualized. Mine certainly has been.

  • A Brief, Dirty History of Sexting

    Nudes and Racy Messaging Aren’t a Product of the Twenty-First Century!

    The desire to communicate erotically is an innate drive for most people, so it’s no wonder we’ve been sexting in one way or another since the invention of the written word.

  • Femme AM and The CJLO Women’s+ Collective

    A Support System for Women in the Male-Dominated Realm of Broadcast

    A collective for women and non-binary folks at CJLO, Concordia’s radio station, meets the need for community and support of femmes in broadcast media, complete with a feminist talk show.

  • Photo Essay: Melinda Prévost and the Life of a Diabetic Athlete

    Stingers Women’s Hockey Player Doesn’t Let Her Diabetes Stop her From Excelling on the Ice

    It’s Nov. 18, and it is game day for the Concordia Stingers’ women’s hockey team. At the Ed Meagher Arena, on the ice rink, one of the players circles around the ice, warming up.

  • Looking Into the Lifesaving Naloxone

    Richard Davy Has Been Training Young People Accross the City on How to Administer Naloxone

    McGill social work student Richard Davy said there’s a lack of awareness given towards the importance of naloxone and the growing rate of opioid overdoses in Montreal.

  • Women and Sterilization: Why are Young Women Still Being Denied Tubal Ligation?

    It’s My Body, So Why Not My Rules?

    *What does a doctor who refuses to help me obtain a tubal ligation—a sterilizing procedure to seal the fallopian tubes—an anti-abortionist, and the early inventors of contraception have in common? The illusion of giving women better choices, the saviour complex, the undermining of women’s right and ability to make their own choices, and the ideas regarding who should and shouldn’t have children.

  • Self Image and Deprecation: A Personal Narrative on Body Image and Mental Health

    I’m Mad Because I Feel Bad

    I’ve been trying to figure out for weeks how not to make this piece about my body’s shape incredibly depressing.

  • Climate Catastrophe and Its Effects on Mental Health

    Reports Show Climate Change Isn’t Only Melting Our Ice Caps

    I definitely think my perspective of the future has become more pessimistic. I feel an overall sense of cynicism and helplessness because I feel that one person can’t make too much of a difference on a global scale,” said Grace Feiler, a second year political science major at McGill University. “I know that’s a bad way of looking at it, but for something as big and catastrophic as climate change, it’s easy to feel that way.”