Special Issue

  • Your Horoscope: April 1 2016

    Were you born? Then this article is for you.

  • Opinion: Concordia Must Take Action Against Feline Students

    It Isn’t Fair for Humans

    Don’t get me wrong: in general, I have no problem with cats. I think they’re cute, sure—who doesn’t? But they have a time and a place.

  • Liberal Party Unveils Justin Trudeau-Inspired Dildo

    Capitalizing on Trudeaumania

    “It’s important to have a personal connection with the public,” said Liberal spokesperson Dan Lauzon, “and we think having a little—or not-so-little—part of the Prime Minister in every home is a great way to do that.”

  • The Emotional Weight of Womanhood

    How Women are Expected to Do More For Less

    The unfair cost of being a woman is rarely acknowledged.

  • The Gender and Sexuality Issue

    Society’s definitions of gender, sex and sexuality are changing constantly. While more and more people are becoming aware of the implications of these topics on our day-to-day lives, we at The Link believe it is crucial to continue talking about them.

  • Women and Wikipedia

    Concordia Professor Encourages Students to Take a Closer Look at Online Content

    Concordia professor Elizabeth Clarke gave her Women in Film class an assignment to create a Wikipedia page about a female filmmaker from any genre at any time in history. She wanted to make her students aware that the information they see online is selected by the people who are putting it there. In this case, the people are a high percentage of males and almost no females—a wide gender gap that cannot be ignored, even by Wikipedia.

  • On Nevada, Trans Narratives, and “Cis” Boys

    An Open Letter to Those “Cis” Boys Who Might Have Gender Stuff, Who Aren’t Sure About It But Feel Pretty Weird A Lot of the Time

    I get it, okay? You read or hear about Those Gender People, and you’re meant to think either, “fuck, those people are weird, I’m glad I’m not one of them,” or, if you’re hip and 2016 about it, “wow, good for them, that must be tough, but I’m still glad I’m not one of them.”

  • Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

    I described the wonders of my triple speed toy with them and told them how well it worked. The conversation began with excitement and full engagement from everyone involved, but as I explained how late it kept me up rocking through the wee hours of the night, things took a turn—they began to get uncomfortable.
  • Thoughts From the Spectrum

    One Writer’s Commentary on the Trivialization of Pan Sexuality and Beyond

    I have never felt pressured to label my sexuality. *

  • Between the Lines

    Centre for Gender Advocacy Hosts Intersex Support Group, Challenges Gender Markers and Intersex Treatment

    On Feb. 21, four people met for the first time to discuss what it’s like being intersex.