Special Issue

  • Can Algae Prevent HPV?

    McGill Study Thinks That Carrageenan May Slow Spread of Virus

    A research team at McGill University recently showed that red algae could be used to prevent human papillomavirus. Sindy Magnan, one of the PhD students working on the study, is very excited about the potential of the findings.

  • Rape Culture Is Real and It’s Time to Confront It

    How an Open Letter to La Presse Reinforced Why it Needs to Go

    On Feb 17, Michèle Ouimet—a well-known reporter from La Presse— published an article on the topic of rape culture. Essentially, Ouimet claimed that rape culture is not an issue in Quebec.*

  • Being Muslim and LGBT

    Coming to Terms With the Intersection of Faith and Sexuality

    I came to terms with my sexuality at sixteen, but it wasn’t easy. Although I soon realized that I had always felt an attraction for men and women, accepting this reality was difficult.

  • Some Sexy Poems

    Special Poems for the Special Issue

    “The day your mother caught us kissing in your bedroom, you told m e that the world looked like how your insides felt.”

  • Special Issue: Ubuntu Talks

    Ubuntu Talks serves as a platform to create conversations on the different identities that exist within the Black community.

  • Special Issue: Lost Crowns

    We are kings and queens,

  • Special Issue: Across the Line

    On Systemic Violence, Finding Support, and Learning to Trust Your Instincts

    As a Chinese international student, I first thought the acts of kissing cheeks or holding hands with strangers were traditional, albeit weird, parts of Canadian culture. Then, I learned that I was once taken advantage of.

  • Special Issue: Jail of My Ancestors, Shame of Humanity

    The Story of Gorée Island

    As I am standing in the centre of the House of Slaves, I feel a pressure on my chest.

  • Special Issue: Mixed Feelings

    Behind the Scenes of a Documentary on Being Multiracial

    Since last semester, I have been working on a film photography series and a documentary short called Mixed Feelings. This visual project is concerned with the multiracial experience. It features varying subjects’ unique stories, highlighting their experiences of self-identification coming from differing mixed racial backgrounds and their navigation of a society with overlapping cultural expectations.

  • Special Issue: Being Brown

    Addressing the West’s Stereotypes of South Asia

    Switch on your TV and put on any series that includes a group of friends. Do you see a brown character there?