Special Issue

  • How Non-Monogamy in Montreal Challenges Us to Look Inside Ourselves

    How We Live and How We Love

    “A big problem with the monogamous narrative, for me,” said Gabriel, “is this concept that as your partner grows and their needs change, you need to be able to continue to meet their needs, […] certain kinds of needs that are exclusive to your relationship.”

  • Asexuality, Explained Through Cake

    The Inside Joke I’ll Never Get

    But to me, it’s exactly like having a slice of cake: I enjoy it while I have it, but when I don’t, it’s not on my mind at all, I don’t really crave it, and I don’t seek to have it every day.

  • How Corporations Trick You Into Buying Their “Sustainable” Stuff

    Greenwashing Is a Real Threat to Solving Climate Change

    Because greenwashing is so prevalent, it’s hard to distinguish what’s a real sustainable product and what is just marketing trickery, which ultimately means the failure of preventing climate change by shopping sustainably in this current system.

  • A Look at Endangered Species in Montreal

    Flora and Fauna That Need a Helping Hand

    “Our mandate was to lobby, raise awareness with the public, but also be a pain in the politicians’ butt”

  • Human Nature vs. Mother Nature: Is There a Victor?

    Make Like the Lorax and Fight for All Beings’ Right to Life.

    The dominant discriminatory ideology of speciesism is invisible to corporate and government power.

  • Marie-Joseph Angélique: A Story Untold

    The Abuse and Unjust Execution of a Slave in Montreal

    It was April 1734—thick clouds of smoke, the stench of burnt wood, and grey ashes, filled the streets and riddled Montreal with anger.

  • Please Find Attached Two Poems

    Poetry on Race

    Poems of the Race Issue

  • It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp—and a Journalist of Colour

    Confronting the Lack of Cultural Representation in Canadian Media

    So what can news organizations and educational institutes do about our plight? Diversifying journalism should be a top priority for institutes that are training the future of Canadian news. So should publishing data on demographics to bring to light the absolute lack of diversity in journalism programs and in newsroom employees.

  • The Struggle of Being Yourself in the Midst of Diversity

    A Personal Narrative on Intersecting Identities

    I am so tired of being silenced. I am more than that. We all deserve better than that. I do not want to have to distance myself from certain aspects of my identity to “reconcile” with other parts. What is left of me if I become pressured to silence my womanhood, my colour, and my faith? I become nothing. Nothing at all.

  • Stop Assuming Who I Am

    Do Not Stereotype Me;  You Don’t Know Who I Am

    My name is Reina Ephrahim. You, the reader, cannot see my face as you read, and will proceed to analyze my entire existence from my name. Hence why I’ve taken the liberty to do it for you. My first name — Reina — is Spanish, meaning queen. My last name — Ephrahim — is Jewish, from the book of Genesis in the Bible; for others, the Torah or the Koran.