• Letter: ASFA Is Broken

    It was the perfect encapsulation of everything wrong with ASFA as it is now: over-bloated, insular, inaccessible and willing to sweep serious complaints under the rug to keep things as they are. We all deserve better than that, but we won’t get any better if we try to build on a rotten foundation.

  • Letter: Restore ASFA to What It Should Have Been

    I am writing in support of the proposed changes to the arts and science federation of associations’ constitution, and I do so as the founding president of an earlier version of ASFA.

  • Letter: Vote YES to the ASFA Bylaw Changes

    Voting “yes” in the upcoming ASFA Referendum is voting yes to change and the decentralization of power within the organization.

  • Letter: A Response to BDS

    BDS takes a highly controversial narrative and lowers the rhetoric to extremely simplistic terms.

  • Letter: ASFA Needs Change

    It is ridiculous to think that one individual will ever completely represent hundreds of students, but we need to try to do that; we need the focus to always be on students.

  • Letter: Vote Yes to ASFA Restructuring

    The restructuration proposal brought to referendum will not solve every single issue at ASFA, but some changes need to be done, and this is a necessary step in the right direction.

  • Letter: Vote Yes to ASFA Referendum

    I have faith that next week students will rise above this deception, restructure ASFA and take it away from the tyrants.

  • Letter: How Quebec French is Still Misunderstood

    Quebec speaks its own French. And it’s real.

  • Letter: Make ASFA New Again

    March 15, 16 and 17—vote to make ASFA new again.

  • Letter: A Thank You to the Alert Library Staff

    The upset student who had the tablet stolen from her was extremely relieved when she was informed that the tablet had been recovered.