Letter: Amnesty International Concordia Supports Act Together

At Amnesty International Concordia we are particularly concerned with accessibility, sustainability, safe spaces, equal distribution of power, financial transparency and community connection at Concordia University, in Montreal, and in the global community. It is therefore our great pleasure to endorse Act Together for the 2016-2017 Concordia Student Union executive team.

Act Together consists of eight dynamic individuals with diverse backgrounds, skills and experiences, who are extremely committed and ready to face the challenging task of managing the CSU. In addition to being a cohesive group of likeminded and passionate individuals, each member has been involved in various student associations, clubs and fee-levy groups.

Act Together’s aims include, but are not limited to:

1. Engagement: the team wants to engage Concordia University’s wonderfully diverse student population by making the CSU more accessible—in part, through the implementation of an interactive website that will serve as an information hub for what is happening on campus, including social events and services available to students.

2. Sustain: Act Together is committed to making Concordia’s campuses more sustainable through new initiatives and continued support to existing ones.

3. Connect: the team plans to create opportunities for the student body to connect across departments and faculties. Their pledge to enrich academic life would include facilitating the search for internships.

Over the past week we have witnessed their commitment to engaging students as they have campaigned for this election. The team has actively approached students throughout Concordia’s campuses, ready to discuss their mission and answer questions. Their honesty in discussing the CSU’s limitations/shortcomings, and their openness to suggestions and constructive criticism has been very refreshing.

We believe this team is the best qualified, and their vision for the Concordia Student Union is one which AIC would love to see come to fruition. Our intentions are to vote for Act Together during the upcoming election.

—Amnesty International Concordia