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  • NFL Playoffs: Big Matchups Continue this Weekend

    The NFL playoffs continue this weekend and many are excited to see how far the Dallas Cowboys will go after going from a dreadful 4-12 season last year to having their best season in over a decade.

    The Cowboys have a 13-3 record and had a first round bye. Backup quarterback Tony Romo has been a hot topic but also a afterthought on the field as rookie quarterback Dak Prescott is having record breaking season for the Cowboys. Rookie Ezekiel Elliott has broken the Cowboys rookie rushing record this season and accumulated 1631 rushing yards. Running back Eric Dickerson provided a lot of feedback and some mentorship to Elliott at the beginning of the season where he was not performing as well.

    Dickerson currently holds the record for a running back rushing in a season and provide Elliott positive feedback as the season progressed. There is no discussing the Cowboys without their owner Jerry Jones who has made several comments regarding Tony Romo’s position on the team during Prescott’s impressive rookie season. Dez Bryant is there most explosive threat at wide receiver and is adjusting well to the quarterback change we will see if Dez gets a touchdown this weekend.

    The Green Bay Packers will have to visit the hostile environment at the AT&T Stadium after coming off a win against the New York Giants last week. Aaron Rodgers is an MVP candidate after leading The Packers with a seven-game winning streak and he will be short handed at the wide receiver position. The Packers star wide receiver Jordy Nelson experienced a rib injury during the New York Giants game that caused him to visit the hospital. The Green Bay Packers will be considered as the underdogs because of the loss of Nelson and home field advantage.The Cowboys will host the Packers Sunday January 15 at 4:40 pm.

    The Seattle Seahawks rank fifth in defence and it will be interesting to see how the play against the Atlanta Falcons’ offence who ranked second this season. Wide receiver Julio Jones is the Falcons main weapon and collected over 1,409 receiving yards this season. The Seahawks has to find a way to slow him down to even the odds. The Seattle Seahawks have waived heavily on their home field advantage to give them a spark during games but unfortunately they will not have that luxury and the noisy fan base called “the 12th Man” will be unable to assist them in the Georgia Dome. Running back Thomas Rawls was the difference maker last week against Detroit Lions and rushed for over 161 yards and one touchdown a repeat performance is what the Seahawks need for there unproductive offence against the Falcons.

    The Houston Texans are in the playoffs and have the number one ranked defensive without the number one ranked player in the league last year—defensive end JJ Watt. There was many speculation of defensive end Jadeveon Clowney would be a draft bust after numerous injuries, he is the anchor on the Texans defence. Clowney applied constant pressure on the Oakland Raiders rookie quarterback Connor Cook last week and had one interception which was the beginning of the Texans 27-14 victory over the Raiders. The Texans will have to bring the same intensity against future Hall of Famer quarterback Tom Brady and the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium. The game will take place Jan. 14 at 8:15 p.m.

    The Pittsburgh Steelers have many ups and downs this season after losing wide receiver Martis Bryant to suspension. The Steelers persevered by being lead by future Hall of Famer quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. Pittsburgh have arguably the best wide receiver in football Antonio Brown and their high powered offensive will have to play to their potential to become successful against the Kansas City Chiefs. The Steelers’ Le’Veon Bell rushed for 167 yards and two touchdowns against the Miami Dolphins last week and will look to repeat the performance against The Chiefs. The Chiefs are in the middle in the pack statically in most categories and that will pose as an advantage to them as they quietly reach the divisional playoff game against the Steelers. The media does not consider the Chiefs as a threat to the Superbowl and that can be advantage to their players to play pressure free. The Steelers will play the Chiefs Sunday Jan. 15 at 1:05 p.m. at Arrowhead stadium.

  • PBHT82: The Patrick Boivin Edition

    • Graphic Madelaine Gendreau

    On Episode 82 of the Pressbox Hat Trick podcast, Tristan D’Amours and Alex Perez welcome former Concordia University Athletics Director and current President and CEO of the Montreal Alouettes Patrick Boivin to talk about Concordia transition and his role with the CFL team. In the second segment, Safia Ahmad joins to talk about the great start to the Concordia Stingers men’s hockey team, which got a #9 national ranking minutes after the recording of this podcast.

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  • If Jim Harbaugh Ever Leaves Michigan, Well, I’ll be a Monkey’s Uncle

    I was talking college football with a guy at the bar the other night, obviously, and Jim Harbaugh’s name came up in that conversation, also obviously.

    This fellow strongly believed it was only a matter of time before the polarizing Michigan head coach bolted back to the NFL. He’d be intrigued by the prospects of coaching Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay should Mike McCarthy get the boot. Or, become the head coach in Indianapolis–where he was once the starting quarterback–where he’d be reunited with his star signal caller at Stanford, Andrew Luck.

    Then, this person also went on to say that Harbaugh always overstays his welcome everywhere he coaches—an opinion so platitudinous, one can wonder if any of these people who are paid to voice their opinions, have ever really followed Jim’s career at all.

    Because Harbaugh overstaying his welcome everywhere would totally explain why multiple NFL front offices looking for a new head coach have reached out to gauge his interest in returning to the league in his two offseasons at Michigan, right?

    Or how the race for Harbaugh after he was let go by the 49ers was such a hotly contested one, and involved multiple other NFL franchises, right?

    Harbaugh has been the head coach of four different teams, and while it is true that his previous stops weren’t long, the only time he left a team for reasons other than getting a better job was when the 49ers fired him.

    Since then, the 49ers have fired two head coaches, one general manager, and have registered a 7-24 record in the two seasons since his departure. Just saying.

    His other two stops were at the University of San Diego, a Division Two school, and at Stanford, a prestigious Division One school. He left USD for a better job at Stanford, and left Stanford for an NFL job. He was then fired from the 49ers, seemingly without cause.

    Now, at Michigan, NFL pundits are positive that he’s bound to leave college football at any moment, and return to the bright lights of the league. Why? Because he always overstays his welcome, according to the guy at the bar. Teams get tired of the guy, his antics are annoying! But also, they all totally want him to be their head coach and will happily back a Brinks truck full of cash into his driveway to get him.

    Shut up, NFL people, you’re all hypocrites.

    Harbaugh doesn’t need a bigger challenge right now. Winning the Big Ten Conference—a task that can only be accomplished by getting through Ohio State, Michigan State and Penn State—is plenty.

    Harbaugh would also love to win a national championship at Michigan, which means getting through the Death Star known as the Alabama Crimson Tide. Additionally, he has to go against all those teams, and others, to get top recruits to Michigan. That has gone well, so far, and will eventually get even better.

    A conversation I recently had with former Link editor Julian McKenzie made me realize this: Harbaugh can find no bigger challenge than the one he has right now as head coach at the University of Michigan.

    Also, Harbaugh’s parents moved from sunny south Florida to freezing cold Michigan in a house next door to his. They could have moved to Baltimore to live closer to their eldest son, John Harbaugh, who served as head coach for the Ravens. They chose to move to Ann Arbor, Michigan, where their father Jack Harbaugh was once an assistant under legendary Michigan coach, and Jim’s mentor, Bo Schembechler.

    The street they live on? The same street Bo Schembechler once did.

    That may not be the ultimate proof of Jim’s long term stay at Michigan, but it proves that for him and his family, the University of Michigan is about more than just football. On the football side of things, though, Michigan still presents the greatest challenge he could find. He has full control of the football program, and is practically a god to the Wolverine faithful.

    So yeah, I’m ready to say it: if Jim Harbaugh doesn’t retire from coaching as the head coach of Michigan, I’ll start a police car chase and I’ll be a monkey’s uncle.

  • PBHT81: The 2017 Bold Predictions Edition

    • Graphic Madelaine Gendreau

    Tristan D’Amours, Alex Perez and Safia Ahmad are joined by The Link newspaper’s Editor in Chief Jonathan Caragay-Cook for the first Pressbox Hat Trick of 2017! They assess the rumour brining three very different players to the Montreal Impact, they talk about the 2017 World Junior Hockey Championship and give their bold predictions for the year 2017.

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  • PBHT80: The “Death of FCMTL/Boivin Reaction” Edition (ft. Jonathan Caragay-Cook)

    • Graphic Madelaine Gendreau

    The guys are back from their way too long hiatus! Tristan D’Amours and Alex Perez welcome The Link newspaper’s Editor-In-Chief Joanathan Caragay-Cook to talk about the death of the Montreal Impact’s USL affiliate, FC Montreal and MLS’ expansion draft and free agency period. The guys also learn live on the pod that Concordia Athletics Director Patrick Boivin got hired by the Montreal Alouettes and react to it in real time.

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