Street Meat

The Concordia Greenhouse played host to some good ol’ folk music on Friday evening. Local trio Street Meat performed “Le Mésadapté,” a track full of old-fashioned mandolin, double bass and accordion—a first for the Link Live Sessions.

“Le Mésadapté” was the first French song the guys ever wrote, with bassist Jean-Philippe Demers-Lelotte on vocals. The band started with the three street musicians teaching each other their repertoire, and they continue to mash their respective musical histories together.

Demers-Lolotte’s love of rockabilly shines through as he furiously thumps the bass, while Lucas Choi Zimbel’s accordion binds it all together with an Eastern European bounce.

While they’ve largely moved from the street to the stage, “they’re both interconnected,” says Paul Dawson, in charge of the mandolin and percussion. Choi Zimbel says busking is often how they get gigs.

This tune is off their record Comme D’la Viande, named as such because of the confusion some French people would have when seeing them on the street.

“We’d say ‘comme d’la viande’ after almost every time,” said Demers-Lelotte.

Street Meat (w/ Bad Uncle & The Boxcar Boys) // Nov. 1 // Divan Orange (4234 St. Laurent Blvd.) // 9:30 p.m. // $12

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