Sara Shaltony

  • 16 Schools Launch Campaigns to Leave CFS

    Student Federation Faces Lawsuit from Concordia’s Student Unions

    Across Canada, 16 schools announced last week they are coordinating to leave the Canadian Federation of Students.

  • A Photograph of 3,000 Lives

    Concordia Student Reinterprets Pulitzer Prize-winning Firing Squad in Iran

    On August 27, 1979, a 30-minute-long trial in Iran—in which no evidence was presented—declared 11 defendants “corrupt on Earth” and ended with a hasty death sentence of all accused.

  • Relocated, Dislocated

    Docville Screens Palestinian Refugee Narrative A World Not Ours

    In his film A World Not Ours, Palestinian filmmaker Mahdi Fleifel masterfully pieces together one of the most hushed narratives…

  • Alternative Press in the Gaza Strip

    Alternative media is growing to be as essential to journalism as a picture is to a story. In both cases, what was once a complimentary partnership quickly evolved into a symbiotic relationship.
    “Independent and social media [are] much more relevant [than mainstream and mass-media] to the pulse of societies around the world,” said Stefan Christoff, a Montreal-based journalist and activist. “Of course investigative journalism is still crucial. It has a power that Twitter will never have.”