Rebecca Hiscott

  • Walking With a Ghost

    EV Installation Reflects on Dead Strangers, Landscapes

    For six years the box sat in Godin’s home, silently challenging her to create something worthy of a stranger’s memory. This year, she did.

  • Sustainable Style

    Local Clothing Line Gives Unused Fabrics Second Chance

    After working for over 10 years at one of Canada’s leading fashion houses and watching mountains of unused luxury fabric accumulate in warehouses at the end of each season, local designer Suzanne Bateman decided to take action.

  • A Bloody Good Time

    The Blood Ballet Cabaret and the Search for Carmen Sandiego

    On Sept. 25, The Blood Ballet Cabaret presents Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?, a titillating parody of the educational video games that were a staple of most ’90s households. The salacious Miss Bloody Mary Anne, aka Kamee Abrahamian, stars as a sensual Carmen Sandiego in a jet-setting burlesque performance that promises to push the envelope in traditional BBC style.

  • Between Darkness and Light

    Anima Shares the Vision of Ana Mendieta

    The FOFA gallery is dark and claustrophobic, sequestered into sections with black curtains and partitions. The sound of heavy breathing emanates from an unseen speaker.

  • The Antidote to Netflix

    NDG Off the Wall Brings Community Together for a Good Cause

    Minor technical difficulties couldn’t slow the momentum of the second annual NDG Off the Wall film festival, which took place on Friday, Aug. 26th in Girouard Park at the corner of Sherbrooke and Marcil.
  • Fantasia Film Festival: From Indie to Big Ticket

    This Year’s Contenders are Nothing to Shake a Katana at

    From soft-porn romances to action-packed samurai bloodbaths, gruesome black comedies and plain old piss-your-pants horror flicks, Fantasia provides an impeccable range of genre films for even the most unflappable consumer. And your inner indie geek is sure to be satisfied by the dozens of little celluloid gems that have yet to be discovered.

  • Keyboards Exposed

    Super Synth Montreal Celebrates Today’s Fastest Evolving Instrument

    Montreal’s indie music scene is flying high with the international acclaim of bands like Arcade Fire, Islands, Plants and Animals, and a legion of groups whose names either begin with an article or make reference to wolves. But what about its resident gear-heads and technophiles? Montreal’s synth artists are definitely a more marginal bunch.

  • Bright Lights & City Beats

    ///Friction 2.0 Promotes Cycling Through Art

    Claire Kenway uses sustainability as a springboard for a novel exhibit that explores the potential of the bicycle as a musical medium with ///Friction 2.0, happening this Thursday at the Société des Arts Technologiques on Saint-Laurent Boulevard.

  • Art Speaks

    Art Alley Opens the Lines of Communication Between At-Risk Youth and Montreal’s Art Community

    Everyone needs an outlet, a way of creating constructive self-expression that can positively impact their life.