Art Speaks

Art Alley Opens the Lines of Communication Between At-Risk Youth and Montreal’s Art Community

Contributing artists Dwayne Clarke, Chris Thomas-Barnes and Andre Fong
Photo by Frederic Cheezo

Everyone needs an outlet, a way of creating constructive self-expression that can positively impact their life.

On Wednesday, Art Alley promoted artwork from participants of Dans La Rue, Desta, West Haven, and MissionBon Accueil, in collaboration with Concordia University’s design outreach program at the CTRL Lab at the corner of Prince Arthur and St. Laurent Boulevard.
Contributing artist Imaan Browne with his illustrations

The exhibit bears the fruits of an educational outreach initiative designed and structured by PK Langshaw, Associate Professor in the Department of Design and Computation Arts at Concordia, and Aki Tchitacov, Director of Dans La Rue.

Dans La Rue is a Montreal-based organization with the mission of serving youth on the street. The organization runs The Bunker, the city’s largest shelter for minors.

Art Alley is a showcase of the artistic talent of at-risk youth, a celebration of self-expression through mediums in which their voices have traditionally been absent.
Artwork by Isaiah Ramsey

Participants used Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and iMovie among others to bring their ideas to life in various mediums including photography, film, sculpture, illustration and collage.

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