Marcus Bankuti

  • Local Businesses Around Montreal Are Getting Pushed Out

    How do Threats to Local Commerce Endanger the Character of Montreal?

    Many of the kinds of businesses that help sustain this kind of community depend on affordable commercial spaces.

  • CRE’s Youth Reconciliation Initiative Marks Orange Shirt Day by Reflecting on Hard Questions

    The Group’s First Event of the Season Centred on the Legacy of Residential Schools

    In a Jarry Park gazebo on a cool, bright Sunday, the Montreal branch of Canadian Roots Exchange’s Youth Reconciliation Initiative marked Orange Shirt Day with an intimate exchange around snacks and homemade soup.

  • What Resources are Made Available to Concordia’s Low-Income Students?

    Making it Through University on a Budget

    Paul Gott knows what it’s like to be a struggling student.

  • Gentrification Factors Into the Bumpy Road for The Open Door

    After Being Pushed Out of Westmount, the Homeless Centre Finds a New Home on Parc Ave

    As a result of gentrification and upcoming condos, homeless shelter the Open Door has moved from Westmount to Parc Ave. This did not come without troubles, as a petition was held by some businesses to denounce the centre from opening on Parc Ave. Shelter director David Chapman provides some insight on the how the shelter has been running since its move, the problems of gentrification, and how it not only impacts shelters, but also those who use the Open Door.

  • Airbnb Marks A New Gold Rush in Plateau Mont-Royal

    Airbnb May Be Beneficial For Landlords, But It’s Inducing Gentrification At Accelerating Rates

    Airbnb may bring tourists to Montreal through an alternative way to stay in the city outside of a hotel, but the service also brings gentrification along with it. With many Airbnb’s located in the Plateau, some tenants are being pushed out of their apartments due to increasing rent or landlords’ preferring to utilize their space as an Airbnb instead of renting.