Keeghan Rouleau

  • Kill the Myths, Not the Mood

    Sex Without Communication Is Not Good Sex

    If you’re having sex with someone, you should make sure that that person is happy, comfortable, and interested, which might mean asking for consent multiple times. It’s just as important, if not more so, to make sure that your partner is comfortable speaking up without your prompt.

  • Don’t@Me: You’re Not Kinky, You’re Just an Asshole

    The Difference Between a Dom and a Prick: Explained

    It’s fantastic that the fluidity and range of sexual pleasure is constantly being expanded upon in our generation but, for fuck’s sake, stop abusing people under the guise of “kink.”

  • Expression or Oppression?

    The Similarities Between Drag and Blackface Stop at the Makeup

    Do you ever hear something you feel an instinctual disagreement to, but can’t really explain why?

  • Assisted Death: Maturely Making Death’s Decision

    Making the Personal and Educated Decision to Die

    Imagine for a moment being at a point in your life where it is no longer desirable in the face of opportunity for a comfortable and controlled death.