Jad Abukasm

  • Fine arts students find creative ways to adapt

    How lack of access to studios and materials is affecting fine arts programs

    Campus art studios are critical to the learning process of fine arts students.

  • Frosh 2020 lives online

    Swapping out partying for virtual workshops

    Student associations aim to bring the frosh experience online for Fall semester

  • CUTV Board of Directors Removal Vote Fails

    Vote Follows Complaints from Dissatisfied Members

    After four hours of discussion, CUTV members voted not to remove their board of directors.

  • CUTV Board to Face Removal

    Board of Directors to Undergo Vote of No Confidence After Contested Election

    Concordia University Television board of directors is facing a removal vote on Aug. 31 from its members after the disputed Annual General Assembly election last February.

  • My Peaceful Morning Run Reflects Racial Injustice

    Ahmaud Arbery Was Murdered for Doing a Sport We Take for Granted

    Running is supposedly a sport that anyone can partake in as long as they have a pair of shoes right? After the murder of Ahmaud Arbery, the world was shown that along with those shoes, white privilege is needed to stay safe.