ASFA, GSA to Strike on Nov. 10

Thousands of ConU Students Expected in the Streets

Two student associations, representing over 27,000 students, have been mandated to strike on Nov. 10, the day of action against tuition increases.

Over 500 students from the Arts and Science Federation of Associations and the Graduate Student Association attended the special general meeting to deal with the strike issue. To reach quorum the GSA needed 60 students and ASFA required 371 students. Both groups achieved these numbers. As students entered the auditorium, they were rewarded with Timbits for attending the meeting.

“I think what was bigger than the turnout at the SGM was, that while we were going around the hallways telling people to come today, there was already a buzz in the air,” said ASFA President, Alex Gordon.

Graduate students were the first to voice their opinion, casting an almost unanimous vote in favor of striking.

The Arts and Sciences undergraduates echoed that sentiment. With over 400 students present, the motion to strike was passed, with 6 opposed and 1 abstained.

The next challenge, says Gordon, is getting people out on Nov. 10. “It’s one thing to get people for an hour, its another thing to get them out for an entire day.”

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