Geoffrey Vendeville

  • Marching for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

    Missing Justice and Centre for Gender Advocacy Hold 8th Annual Vigil

    To the sound of drums and chanting, hundreds of people marched on the night of Oct. 4 in remembrance of missing and murdered indigenous women.

  • Residents Want to Keep the Malt In St. Henri

    Condominium Plans for Malt Plant Challenged by Locals

    Local artists and residents of St. Henri met along the banks of the Lachine Canal in the shadow of the dilapidated Canada Malting Plant Saturday, Sept. 21 in protest of a plan to redevelop the building into residences.

  • A Laundry Service on a Mission

    StreetSuds Looks to Help People Struggling with Mental Illness, Homelessness and Addiction

    Located in a former garage off Parthenais St. and Ontario St., La Buanderue, or StreetSuds, is the only industrial laundry service in the city with a social mission.

  • Human Rights Complaint Filed for Trans People

    Centre for Gender Advocacy Petitions for Quebec Civil Code Amendment

    Sonya Fiset was at a loss when she tried explaining what it was like for her to grow up in a man’s body.

  • Jazz Fest: The Sweethearts

    You can tell by the way Shaina Hayes and Austin Tecks-Bleuer sneak glances at each other on stage that they are in love.

  • Coming Together for Dragon Flowers

    Community Supports Mile End Flower Shop After Fire

    After Tamey Lau lost her Mile End flower shop in a devastating fire the night of April 23, thousands of people from the neighbourhood, and others as far away as Vancouver, came to her support. Every day since the fire, customers and friends have dropped by the boarded-up store to offer their sympathy and donate money to help rebuild Dragon Flowers, a Mile End fixture of 27 years.

  • “La Belle Saison” to Unionize

    Rural Quebec’s Labour Cycle & Migrant Workers’ Rights Held in Unsteady Balance

    St. Rémi has all the trappings of a small Québécois town. Walking west down its thoroughfare, Notre-Dame St., you pass a fast-food joint, a depanneur and a bank before reaching the local church—a handsome, 170-year-old grey stone building with twin white spires.

  • “It’s Like I Had No Freedom”

    PINAY Points to Injustices of Canada’s Live-in Caregiver Program

    Ms. Salazar never dreamed of leaving the Philippines for Canada.

  • Magic on the Mat

    ConU Olympian David Tremblay Says Goodbye to University Wrestling After Half-Decade in Maroon and Gold

    If you ask any wrestler on Concordia’s varsity team about their teammate David Tremblay, the words “leader” and “role model” are never very far from their lips.

  • The Post-Summit Scramble

    Next Steps for University Leaders

    Cameron Monagle says the Quebec government referring to the indexation of tuition fees as a “relative freeze” is a “load of baloney.”

  • A Safe Space in the Church Basement

    West Island Youth Centre Gives LGBTQ Youth a Community

    Since she was eight or nine years old, Jessica Malz felt she was unlike any other girl she knew. While her friends chased boys around the schoolyard at recess, she remembers usually running after the girls.

  • A View From the Summit

    Government Proposes Annual Tuition Increase of 3%

    As the Summit on Higher Education came to a close, Quebec Premier Pauline Marois concluded, “there are no losers here today.”

  • Education Summit Begins in Montreal

    After months of anticipation, debate, protest and political posturing, Quebec’s promised two-day summit on higher education began today.

  • “For Five Minutes They Get to Be the Superhero”

    The Ongoing Legacy of the Kahnawake Survival School Wrestling Team

    If you were to ask Peter Montour to pick his proudest moment as part of the Kahnawake Survival School wrestling team, he would have trouble choosing just one.

  • Café X Composting, Finally

    Petition Pays Off for VA Building Location

    After five months of firing off letters, emails and a petition to the university administration, the staff at Concordia’s Café X has finally acquired the little grey compost bin they have long been asking for.

  • Does Concordia Have a Military Complex?

    Questionable Links Between ConU, Military Uncovered

    Last week, The Link received an email—subject “Concordia’s Military Complex.”

  • Something Publishing Happening

    Former Void Editor Puts ConU Writers in Print

    When Concordia’s literary magazine, The Void, held an open call for submissions in 2011, fiction editor Jack Allen received a story so full of “misogynistic, racist, and violent” content, he knew it couldn’t appear in the pages of a student publication.

  • Concordia Profs Weigh In On US Election Results

    Three professors from Concordia’s political science department and a history professor convened on Thursday to analyze the 2012 American Presidential election.

  • Dial M for Mind-Blowing

    Local Music Showcase M for Montreal to Feature 100 Artists

    In a city internationally recognized as of late for producing music acts like Arcade Fire and Grimes, M for Montreal was founded to help local bands, and other artists, make the same leap onto the big stage.

  • “It’s Time to Tear Down This Wall of Silence.”

    Vigil Remembers Victims of Police Brutality, Calls for Accountability

    A crowd of more than 150 people packed the sidewalk and overflowed into the street in front of the offices of the Fraternité…