Elysia-Marie Campbell

  • Skateboards for Hope Empowers Kids Through Sport

    Montreal Non-Profit Spreads its Message at Home and Abroad

    Betty Esperanza says that skateboarding has the power to break the cycle of poverty, and foster strong community leaders, collaboration, trust, and freedom in poor communities that would otherwise be subject to violence and crime.

  • Invisible No More

    A New Indigenous Women’s Bike Collective Takes to the Streets for Visibility

    Three students enjoy an arts and crafts session in the sun at the FOFA Garden as they bead strings—one goes over to her bike and ties a beaded string to its frame. Their mission for the afternoon is to bejewel their bikes and make themselves “Indi-Visible.”

  • Talking Consent With HIV

    Documentary Explores HIV Non-Disclosure

    On Feb. 18, Concordia is hosting a lecture on the criminalization of HIV, the impact of non-disclosure laws on people living with the disease and the activist response. It will be accompanied by a screening of a recent documentary by the organization entitled, Consent: HIV Non-Disclosure and Sexual Assault Law.

  • Montreal Urban Explorer Part 2

    Photographer and Concordia student Elysia-Marie Campbell explores Montreal’s urban jungle in this second part of her photo series.

  • Montreal Urban Explorer

    Photographer and Concordia student Elysia-Marie Campbell explores Montreal’s urban jungle in this week’s edition of Pic Picks.

  • Refusing Silence

    Articule Presents Pinned Down by Maria Ezcurra

    Almost a year ago on Sept. 26, 2014, 43 students from the Ayotzinapa Rural Teacher’s College in Iguala, Mexico were kidnapped on their way out of their rural town for a protest against government funding programs.

  • Randomness and Determination

    Random Takes a Sharp Look at History in One-Woman Performance

  • Navigating a Culture of Good and Bad Food

    Health Eating and Green Living Expo Brings Organic Producers Together

    Tens of thousands of fanatical health foodies made their way to the Palais des Congrès this weekend ready to taste hundreds of natural food samples at the Expo Manger Santé et Vivre Vert.

  • The Motion of Love

    Experimental Film Installation at Phi Centre Explores the Transitional Phases of Romantic Relationships

    The bodies of a man and a woman move seamlessly in levitation. Their bodies dance softly, caress and twist and eventually move in shocking ways until they jerk, shove and yank at each other’s hair. These poetic scenes of love through movement appear in Dominique T. Skoltz’s latest work, y2o. The short experimental film is the latest installation at Montreal’s Phi Centre, running from Feb. 6 to Mar. 7.

  • Into The Folds Of The Unknown

    Yanick Sasseville Explores Expectations and Reality Through Origami and Photography

    Yanick Sasseville’s Exil: Vérité trompeuse is a three-dimensional art exhibition displaying thousands of paper origami birds that morph out of a typewriter and fly from one side of the room to the other.

  • Creating the Slight Ethos

    The swirling art-pop and psychedelic sounds of Slight will be ringing loud this Friday night, as the Montreal band performs live at Casa Del Popolo on St. Laurent.

  • A Language of Light and Liquid

    Multimedia Art Piece Miscible Connects Audiences 6 Hours Apart

    Montreal’s Society for Arts and Technology is launching Miscible, a mix of audiovisual performance and interactive experience in telepresence, presented by Manuel Chantre on Oct. 16.