Catherine Dubé

  • Documenting Civil Disobedience

    Cinema Politica Nears the End of 2015 Winter Semester with Screening of Til the Cows Come Home

    Til the Cows Come Home, is a film that documents the protests in front of Frontenac Prison Farm in Kingston, Ontario in 2010 following the Harper government’s decision to transform the Canadian correctional system and close all of Canada’s rehabilitative prison farms.

  • Sign O’ The Times

    SKOL Workshop Teaches the History and Art of Sign Language

    UPop Montreal and SPiLL.PROpagation are offering four workshops at the Centre des arts actuels (SKOL) that explore literary creations in sign languages. This opportunity offers a chance for individuals to discover this arcane form of literature. Proficiency in sign languages is needed for the creative workshops, but the analytical ones are open to those who want to learn about literature in sign languages, its history and its art scene.

  • Putting Data to Rest

    Artist Audrey Samson Orchestrates a Symbolic Funeral for Your Digital Data

    We’re constantly leaving our footprints in the digital world, whether by chatting online or posting a picture on our Instagram. Our data is saved for the use of big corporations and governments, but also piled up on our own computers for personal use.

  • Free Punk, a New Musical Genre

    Peregrine Falls To Introduce Free Punk To Montreal’s Music Scene

    Peregrine Falls is a Vancouver-based instrumental duo composed of drummer Kenton Loewen and guitarist Gordon Grdina. The musicians mix their musical backgrounds in jazz and heavy rock to create a rousing musical combination with an improvisational feel. Their unique sound is difficult to place in a single generic category, so the duo coined their own genre and called it “free punk”.