Allan Morais

  • Two Defenses Collide

    Men’s Rugby Team Battles it Out and Settle for Draw

    Concordia’s men’s rugby team fought an epic battle on Sept. 16 over the Bishops Gaiters that ended tied up at 14 at the Loyola field. Defensively the Stingers had a very strong; back and forth battle against the Gaiters. It was a hard fought and gritty battle in which both teams were very strong defensively and the game saw a lot more kicking than anyone expected.

  • Stingers Show No Mercy

    ConU Cruises to 94-0 Victory Over Bishop’s

    Concordia’s women’s rugby team simply mopped the floor with the Bishop’s Gaiters on Sept. 16 in a 94-0 spanking at Loyola Field. The score was so lopsided that the officials had to issue a mercy call.

  • Laval Crushes Two Stinger Squads

    Men’s Squad Lets Undisciplined Play Get to Them

    Concordia’s men’s soccer team found itself kicked to the ground last Friday as the Laval Rouge et Or cruised past the Stingers with a 5-1 victory on their home turf.