Alex Ocheoha

  • Letter: GSA Needs More Transparency

    It’s been almost six months since the present Graduate Student Association team took office, and they should have overcome their learning curve by now.

  • What Is Next for the GSA?

    2015 Elections of the Concordia University Graduate Students Association Have Come and Gone

    The 2014-2015 year has not been a good year for the GSA because not much was delivered.

  • The Upcoming March 26 GSA General Assembly

    The upcoming Graduate Student Association’s general assembly on March 26 brings to mind the awful assembly on October 23, 2014. I was interested in bringing matters regarding GSA’s accreditation to the notice of members at that assembly, but was disappointed with what happened.

  • You Are Where You Live

    How Design Affects Your Psyche

    Architectural spaces that are of different shapes, sizes and colours and that are made of different materials affect our mood differently.

  • Nanyang Business School Wins 34th John Molson MBA Case Competition

    International Business Students Compete at Annual JMSB Event

    The Nanyang Business School took home the Concordia Cup and a $10,000 prize last weekend, finishing first at this year’s John Molson MBA International Case Competition.

  • Off-Road Righteousness

    Concordia’s Automotive Engineers Gear Up for Baja Races

    The Baja racing team at Concordia has set lofty goals of top ten finishes in all competitions they’re slated to compete in this year. Preparation for their first race is already underway.

  • Concerns about the GSA Accreditation Process

    I believe if a process is wrong, the result is also wrong.

  • Concordia Soccer: Stingers Keep Slipping

    Concordia Suffers Home Defeat To Sherbrooke, Still Winless After Five Matches

    The Stingers men’s soccer team had hoped to record their first win of the season against Sherbrooke on Sunday but were left extremely disappointed after the final whistle.