Vote Yes for the CFC Fee Levy

As students, we are an integral part of Concordia University, and represent an important voice that has been ignored for far too long.

For many of us, this university is literally our home away from home, where we spend hours on end studying, learning and even sleeping. The fuel that keeps us going throughout all this is literally the food we eat and the coffee we drink. Today, as students we have a chance to use our voice to create a better food system at Concordia. 

Right now much of the food on campus is served by outside companies looking to make a profit off students. Food is therefore not only expensive, but also poor quality and in no way able to meet the diverse needs of students.

As a student and a member of the Concordia Food Coalition, I believe the time has come to change the food system at Concordia and bring about true alternatives that empower student-run initiatives while serving food that is affordable, healthy and sustainable. The purpose of the CFC is to do just that.

The CFC is determined to help create student-run cafés and cafeterias all across Concordia, both at Loyola and on the downtown campus. As not-for-profits, these student-run initiatives would not be trying to make money off students, but instead to simply provide a service as affordably as possible.

As co-ops, students would have a say as to what kind of food is served, where it comes from and how it’s produced. This allows us to take steps towards supporting local and sustainable farming practices.

When students collectively make decisions, we know what is best for our pockets, our bellies and our world.

The CFC understands this, and has been working non-stop to turn this dream into a reality. Whether it is collaborating with the CSU in developing the Hive Café at Loyola, challenging the Chartwells cafeteria monopoly or opening up the door to a student-run co-op café in the Hall Building, the CFC is sure to have the interests of students as their number one priority. 

Concordia is not just a university, it is a community. Let’s work together to transform food on campus, creating long-lasting change that will be looked upon in admiration by generations to come. Together, let’s build an affordable, sustainable student-run food system at Concordia.

-Gabriel Velasco
CFC Member