Vol. 40 Welcomes Back the Fringe Calendar Amongst Its Columns

Here’s What’s Good Around Montreal This Week

Graphic Breea Kobernick

The fringe arts calendar is BACK! The calendar has existed in many forms, from the newspaper to online. In here you’ll find The Link’s favourite arts events across a bunch of genres—from dance performances to live music and everything in between.

Wednesday, Oct. 23
The concept is simple at Cinéma Moderne: Come for the drinks, stay for the movie. In this trendy bar is a movie theatre, screening a curated assortment of films. Part of the night’s selection, the biographical comedy Dolemite Is My Name , debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival in September.

Thursday, Oct. 24
At Anteism Books , 435 Beaubien St. W., poetry composed by artificial intelligence will be brought to life by four performance poets.

Friday, Oct. 25
The MainLine takes on the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Don’t miss this play for some pre-Halloween vibes.

Saturday, Oct. 26
The Concordia Painting and Drawing Student Association (a.k.a a group of cool artists who you should check out) has organized a Salon de Paris style show at Atelier Galerie 2112 .

Sunday, Oct. 27
At Mindful Bar, Lotus Collective will be hosting a long-awaited femme jam. At the Sunday Soul Session , play with other like-minded instrumentalists, meet other femme musicians, or just attend—it’s going to be an all around good time.

Monday, Oct. 28
The Segal Centre is putting on Mythic , a pop rock musical incorporating Greek mythology and mother/daughter relationships. It’s bound to be a hell of a time.

Tuesday, Oct. 29
One of Xavier Dolan’s latest films, Matthias & Maxime , will be playing at Cinéma du Parc. The friendship between two men is challenged along with their understanding of their own sexuality, as they share a kiss as part of a script. We can always count on Dolan for his insightful exploration of homosexuality.