Viral Video Depicts Man Being Choked by Metro Security

STM Security Restrain Man Who Allegedly Skipped Turnstiles in Guy-Concordia Metro

In a second video of the incident, six STM security inspectors were present on the scene. Courtesy Greg Ory

Greg Ory—a fabricated name to protect their anonymity—was coming home from work. Ory typically takes the orange metro line to get home, but chose to take the green line, last Friday.

Ory arrived at Guy-Concordia metro station, below the Sir George Williams campus, near the John Molson School of Business Building. When arriving at the turnstiles, Ory noticed an STM clerk, and another individual arguing.

The argument was allegedly due to the fact the man used his girlfriend’s metro pass to skip the turnstiles.

“I don’t know what was it that actually led to them one touching the other, and I don’t know who initiated it,” said Ory. “They were just kind of shouting at each other for a couple of seconds, next thing I know, the guy had him in a headlock.”

At 7:23 p.m., Ory began recording the confrontation, which they later posted on Facebook.

The video—shared over 12, 000 times on Facebook—showed two STM security inspectors restraining the man, who wore blue denim jeans and a light blue t-shirt, on the ground. One officer had him in a choke hold, the other was attempting to tie his hands. A third security officer prevented his girlfriend from getting passed him.

As the video proceeded, the man being restrained began kicking his legs, signalling a discomfort. His girlfriend began to scream: “He can’t breathe.”

On Thursday Sept. 6, Ory uploaded a second video depicting the incident, where a total of six STM security inspectors were present.

“In that you see even more STM inspectors come […] even after they apprehended him,” said Ory. “They kept him on the floor while he’s handcuffed, and in the video you can hear people saying [to get him off the floor].”

The Link contacted the STM for comment, but could not be reached.