The Festivulve: An Inclusive, Feminist Event to Add to Your ‘Vagenda’

Workshops, Artworks, Conferences to Be Featured on June 8, 9

The first edition of the Festivulve happened at the Loft hotel on Sherbrooke St. Photo Savannah Stewart

Rejoice, the Festivulve is gracing Montreal for a second year! Are you ready for the vulva, vagina, and pubic hair galore that awaits you?

The experience will begin at the doors of the Centre de loisirs communautaires Lajeunesse, near the Jean-Talon metro station. Attendees will have to walk through a giant, 18 foot tall clitoris to enter the premises.

Fun, sexy, informative—the festival takes a wholesome look at the vulva and what surrounds it. Building on the same format as last year, a smorgasbord of activities are offered. The scheduled events include numerous conferences and workshops, and a vendor and organizations exposition.

An eclectic and complete list of topics will be addressed. From asexuality and endometriosis to menopause and masturbation, you’ll have the chance to partake in discussions and learn in a respectful and consensual environment.

Be ready for vulva art, jewelry, and everything in between. You’ll have the option to take a piece of the Festivulve home with you.

Housing two projects, the mythical Vulva Booth is coming back this year again. Take part in the Vulva Project and get your vulva (or whole body) photographed in an intimate, respectful setting.

You also have the option to have a sculpture of your vulva done, a service provided by artist Geneviève Santerre.

Since its inception, the festival strives to be gender inclusive; there are no restrictions to who can attend. Founder Mel Goyer hopes that trans, non-binary, and gender noncomforming people feel welcomed to attend.

Don’t miss out on this year’s edition, but also don’t miss out on the clever word plays Goyer and her team have provided.

The patriarchy, are you ovary-it? Ready for the Revulvation?

To buy your ticket or get more information, visit the Festivulve’s website.

A previous version of this article stated that the giant clitoris was eight foot tall, while it is, in fact, 18 foot tall. The Link regrets this error.