Talking with the CASA President-elect

Commerce and Administration Student Association VP External Michael Richardson has been elected president. Photo via Facebook

John Molson business students had the option to make 2014-2015 a “Good” year, but if last month’s Commerce and Administration Students’ Association elections are any indication, voters believe Michael Richardson will give them a great one.

Richardson defeated opponent Kate Good in the CASA presidential race. The Link caught up with CASA’s president-elect to get his take on the elections and find out his plans for next year.

“I’m thrilled with the results,” he said, “and I’m truly honoured to have been selected by my fellow JMSB students to represent them as their faculty association president.”

Richardson says his new executive is already looking ahead to their time in elected office.

“I am confident that we will be able to accomplish great things as a team in the coming year, and we are all very eager to get started—in fact, we have already had our first meeting,” he said.

Richardson campaigned on a platform of “Making JMSB #1,” which he narrowed into three discernable goals: bringing in more jobs for JMSB students, improving JMSB’s ranking on a global scale and better connecting JMSB students to the outside business world and CASA to university affairs.

“During the campaign, my entire platform was based on one idea: steering CASA forward,” he said.

“Some may find this cliché, but I am a firm believer in progress, and now that our students have demonstrated overwhelming support to CASA during our accreditation drive, my team and I are in a favourable position to accomplish [our goals].”