Ride or Die, Repair Don’t Cry

Where to Fix Your Bike at School

Julian Bata and Carl Bindman

Here’s an incomplete list of things that suck: Capitalism, bus stench, metro delays, traffic jams, cars and the Montrealers that drive them.

Here’s a very complete list of things that are good: Bicycles and the folks that repair them. Below are places where those can be found around Concordia.

Right to Move // 2153 Mackay St.

One of two do-it-yourself bike repair workshops in Concordia’s backyard, Right to Move is right behind the Hall building terrace. Pay the $20 membership fee and have access to their tools, workstations, and volunteer expertise for a year of riding—and repairing—safely.

Le Petit Velo Rouge // 7141 Sherbrooke St. W.

An offshoot of Right to Move, Le Petit Velo Rouge is the second DIY bike repair space around Concordia. LPVR is in Loyola Campus’s obscure PS building—past the library building next to the parking lot. Unlike Right to move, LPVR also sells refurbished and recycled bikes.