Montrealers demonstrate to support Palestine amid turmoil

Photo Abby Cole

On Oct. 8, hundreds of Palestinians, activists and allies gathered in downtown Montreal. They marched to the Israeli consulate to express their support for the resistance in Palestine.

One day prior, the Palestinian militant group Hamas fired rockets and re-entered the occupied territory known as Israel, killing hundreds of Israeli citizens. The Canadian government has listed Hamas as a terrorist organization since 2002. 

The occupation of Palestine began 75 years ago , when Israeli forces forced the displacement of Palestinians for the creation of Israel. The Gaza Strip, where over 2 million Palestinians have been confined, has been subject to extensive human rights abuses and attacks from the Israeli occupation for nearly two decades, including frequent bombing and attacks on civilians. 

Since Saturday, Israeli forces have continued their attacks on Gaza, killing approximately 1,100 Palestinians. Over 1,200 Israelis have died since. 

As the death toll rises, protesters in Montreal and across the world seek to uplift the resistance’s call to end the apartheid and reach peace. 

At the start of the demonstration Jawadat Najjar, activist and organizer with the Palestinian Youth Movement, rallies the crowd together in Dorchester Square. Photo Abby Cole
Two activists wearing the keffiyeh, a scarf that has come to represent Palestinian resistance to Israel, hold Palestinian flags before marching. Photo Abby Cole
A protester holds a sign that reads “To exist is to resist, free Palestine.” The sign also features the famous Palestinian cartoon “Handala” of a Palestinian child refugee. This symbol has come to represent the consciousness and defiance of Palestinians. Photo Abby Cole
The crowds stop to look at a protester standing atop a bus shelter and waving the Palestinian flag. The Scotiabank logo can be seen in the background, which has recently been reported as “The Canadian Bank that holds the largest foreign share of an Israeli weapons manufacturer.” Photo Abby Cole
Once arriving at the Israeli Consulate, protestors are met with a strong line of police bearing helmets, batons and shields. Protestors remain peaceful in their protest and do not cross the caution tape line. Photo Abby Cole
Protesters complete their march with loud chants in front of the Israeli Consulate “Free free Palestine” and “Solidarity with Palestine” are chanted loudly while the police watch from above to prevent their entry into the consulate. Photo Abby Cole